Tuesday, April 14, 2009


As i accept the comments for the previous post which i had written about diabetes and aids (i've unpublished the post already), at first i read, then i scanned, then i clicked accept for everything without even reading.

Okay, 1st.
1) Im really sorry to one of the readers who felt offended. I sincerely didn't think it was an insensitive piece of article and i felt that i didn't write anything offensive. I just wrote about my views towards which is scarier. I do have relatives who are diabetic (alot actually), and i even saw an example of one who had to amputate her whole leg. It's scary.

2) There's a way to point out mistakes POLITELY. Some comments were polite, pointing out my wrong knowledge regarding diabetes while some bluntly write things like "you are dumb, didn't you study this in secondary school". HELLO? Im not in a nursing course, and i dont remember being in biology class either. If you understand diabetes fully, or had the priviledge of your teacher teaching you about that in class, good for you. But that doesn't mean anyone who doesnt know what you know should be called dumb.

3) I've repeated this many times. Im just a blogger. Not a perfect robot. Im still human, im only 19, and i havent even graduate from poly. Contray to your beliefs, i dont have to understand every single knowledge in the world in order to be a blogger. If you insist that diabetes is a common knowledge that EVERYONE should know unless they are dumb, then okay, i think you just offended alot of people in this world.

It was just a personal thought, yet people comment like it's a big deal. So does that mean i should continue with just posting up pictures of myself in the same pose and smile, one liner meaningless reports of my life? Yes maybe i should :)

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UPDATE: It's not that i make assumptions about diabetes and aids. It was what i KNEW about them, so how would i know that they are wrong! If you lived your whole life with the impression that apple is purple, you would not know that you are wrong also what. Come on, it's not a racist topic, it's not a political view, not offending your relatives who unfortunately have it. Im not even saying things like i think blahblahblah patients are blahblahblah. I just mentioned whatever im more afraid of. How does it concern you so much to start lashing at me like i just said you are fat?

Anyway, shut up with the long long lectures lah. Alot of people already mentioned whatever you mentioned. I dont need to read it a million times.

FOR ONCE, IM NOT GOING TO BE NICE AND ACCEPT ALL OF YOUR RUBBISH. I just dont feel like reading the crap (because you are writing something that many others have written and i've already learnt my lesson about diabetes from them). Comments regarding "oh you are wrong! how could you not know! you're dumb" will be deleted. Save your time from writing a useless comment to learn something new from google so that you'll never be called dumb by someone else okay?


Oh ya, i already mentioned that i sincerely didn't feel that it was a sensitive topic, moreover i didn't use any offensive words except maybe mixing up some of the facts, SO STOP WITH THAT "if you are going to write a sensitive article, you should be ready for the backlash." READ MY WORDS PROPERLY BEFORE COMMENTING. Irritating.

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