Monday, April 6, 2009

A self-claimed fortune teller walked pass me yesterday and told me alot of things and then he proceed to describe what kind of person i am. Everything was so accurate! He said that im too straightforward, tend to speak out whatever is on my mind. For example if my friend does something i dont like, i would tell her straightaway i dont like whatever she's doing. If im angry or sad or happy, my emotions are displayed clearly on my face. He says that it's not good for me if i continue being like this :(

Everytime while im standing in the mrt with heels, i would wish that some good soul would give up his seat and let me sit. But yesterday, when an slightly old man stood up and asked me if i want his seat (because he saw me with shopping bags and high heels. awww.), i felt paisei and of course i rejected! How could i let an old man give up his seat for me? Luckily i was wearing that pair of stable high heels that is not painful unlike other heels.

Anyway, here's a good reason why you should wear high heels :) It might be painful but it saves you on rainy floody days! It was slightly flooding at the pavement in orchard yesterday and everyone else was stucked. Some tried to walk on the water quickly but ended up with their cloth platforms soaked, wet and dirty. A couple of other ladies and me got past the stretch of water easily because of our high heels. In most high heels, there's a thick platform at the bottom so that although the heel is 6inch, there is a support at the bottom and our feets dont have to tiptoe so much. And because our platform is high, the waters didn't touch our feets at all :D

I was doing my makeup in the cab as usual on my way to a shoot a week ago and suddenly the cab uncle asked me how did my event went at StRegis. Turned out that he was the same cab driver that drove me to StRegis hotel for the LGprada event a couple of months ago! And he still remember me! :D

I was going into another cab another day, and because i was in a rush i closed the door the moment my legs and bum got in. I closed too fast and the ends of my long long hair got stucked in the door. Haha. Guess my hair wasn't quick enough.

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