Sunday, April 26, 2009

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Mothers day is coming! What are you planning to get for your mum? Luckily, my mum is the type who will announce what she want way before the special date, so we always know what to get for her.

However, some mums are more humble and tend to say "dont want anything luh, dont waste your money." But im sure these mothers would still be pleased if you get something for them on Mothers day to show your appreciation for their love!

Wonder what you can get for her? I would suggest you to visit

I love the design of their jewellery. What's better, is that their prices are super reasonable and affordable! I see some of the good designs at only $20++! That's a very low price for homemade exclusive limited designs!

They are having promotion for Mother's Day now! Go get something for mum :)


Went out with my family 2 weeks back! :)

With my sister.. We look so different right!

Went to the graveyard to pay respects to our grandparents and greatgrandparents. It was alittle saddening.

Afterwards, we went over to vivocity and had our lunch right infront of the sea! Yes, me and sis sat on the floor. It was nice eating lunch in such a cooling place, although aircon would have been better.

She's so much taller than me :( Everyone always ask if she is the elder sister.

She did some funny face to me and i ended up laughing while she looked pretty pressing the shutter button.

Flowers. Random. Heh.

Sis is a tourguide!

Felt tired after walking around so we ended up soaking our legs at the rooftop.

Ya luh, i know that my foundation is uneven here.

Goodnight people!

Today is Daddy's bday, and we're celebrating it tonight.
** i forgot how old he is this year. oops =x

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