Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stop ordering me around and demanding so much out of me, Bitch. Dont forget that im the one doing a favour for you, not the other way round.

I get so pissed off by people who ask me to help them, expect ALOT as if i can do magic and keep pestering me every single minute.

You are not even a friend. Why am i doing this for you. Grr.

Oh ya i also want to rant about some thickskin people who always dont help or give lots of excuses when you need them, then when they want to USE you for their own benefits, they come to you and ask blatantly for it as if they are offering something to me when it's obviously the other way round. Hello?? I dont believe in helping selfish people who only care about themselves.

Just received this picture from one of the photographers who was at the shoot i did in january. Love it!

(camera distortion make my feet so long again. tsk. )

Sponsored Advertorial:

CHAIN-IN is owned by 2 good friends of mine, and i love their blogshop as much as i love them!

The first thing i said when they showed me the shop was "wah, you all sell so low price?!!".

She replied that she rather sell it at low profit and have more supporters than mark up the price too high. Where to find such a great business woman!

For example, this VELVET material leopard high waist skirt, she's only selling at $16! I immediately bought from her of course! Who doesn't love velvet? Who wouldn't love that low price?? Wore it when i went to nuffnang dinner (in one of the previous entry).

modelled by my lovely roxanne.

The lovely girls specially picked this dress for me because they know i always wear this style! Love it luh! Wore it out but didn't manage to take full body pictures!

Their toga dresses were sold out within days! Not only it's beautiful, they only charge $21, which is inclusive of postage! They are left with only 2 pieces now, so it's a game of fastest fingers now.

modelled by pretty sophia!

There's also this lovely tube dress which enhances your curves. I like the top part. It comes in gold as well!

Do support my girl friends as much as you support me alright? :)
Love ya!

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