Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I just changed my blog playlist first song to "quan shi jie dou ting dian" by Tank. Heard it on radio and got addicted to it, everyday keep listening to it! Haha. Just realised that winnie also playing this song on her blog now, so means it's really nice! :D

Organised a photoshoot for Gillian and Tingyi last weekend at a hotel. Roxanne was my assistant.

After the photoshoot, we called chris and aylwin down for dinner at a restaurant near the hotel. Actually wanted to eat steamboat but it was too expensive. $26 just for some fish meat and soup! We still have to order the other ingredients lor. Add up sure very expensive one. In the end we just ate dishes. Quite disappointing cos i was craving for steamboat!

Chris drove me home.

Another photoshoot at Hortpark last sunday for Janice and Tiffany. Roxanne was there to be my assistant again.

Picture of me and tiffany taken by derick :)

After the shoot we went for lunch with Chris and Derick and his friend. Carls Jr fish&chips is yummy!

Met up with Gillian after that. Didn't take any pictures i think. We just slacked at Gloria Jeans.

Afterwards was a photoshoot for another magazine with other bloggers. Will blog about it when the issue comes out :) Had another photoshoot with them previously last month but i look bad in the published issue so i'll wait for the next month when you can't buy it anymore then i let you all know! :D

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