Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Although I get extremely pissed off whenever the taxi driver drives so slowly like a snail while im super late for work, im very afraid of fast cars too. Dont get it wrong, i dont have a phobia with speed. In fact, I love speed. I like playing rollercoasters and fast flying rides in amusement parks. But, all those are different from a speeding car on the road. At amusement parks, there are safety precautions that would make me feel at ease while enjoying the speed. Not for cars though. Even if you had your safety belt on, it doesn't 100% means you wont fly 50 metres away in an accident.

Last night on the way home from Orchard in a taxi, I was constantly grabbing the handle at my side of the door. My first scare from the taxi was when the taxi suddenly braked in the middle of a fast-paced wide road, because a bicycle came in from nowhere. Omg. what if there was a car behind us that couldn't brake in time?? After that, the taxi driver started bragging that he wouldn't be afraid of people with tattoos like the cyclist. He claimed he was from the CID lasttime, and he had knew alot of big Ah Bengs before.
At one point of the journey, the way he swerved in a curve almost made me thought my end was nearing. He was like driving into the fence, then he suddenly jerked left!! There was a major traffic jam when we were about to reach Eunos and the taxi driver would always stop just afew inches behind the butt of the car infront. We went pass the accident area and saw small bits of glasses on the road. Suddenly there was an uncomfortable feeling inside me. It seems like life is so fragile that one could leave this world without warning at anytime. Dying from illness isn't as bad as dying from accidents, because at least you get to write your will before you die on the sickbed. You wont get the chance to tell your loved ones how much you love them when you die in an accident. Sometimes, accidents could changed our whole destiny. Some ambitions might be dashed if the injury includes permanant loss of legs or hands. It's like, you were happily driving on the way to your girlfriend house, bringing her a bunch of flowers for a surprise, when suddenly... BANG. another car kicked the butt of your car and sent you flying to the other side of the road. Suddenly, a night that was supposed to be romantic turned out to be a disaster, hospitalized night. I get upset whenever i read from newspapers about sudden accidents like that. I dont like the way that people could lose things that are so important to them just so suddenly.

After the super long traffic jam, the taxi driver drived even faster, moving left and right inbetween other cars to overtake. It's a miracle how i managed to survive the ride and reach home safely.

I hope some scientist would invent bumper cars on the road soon. In that way, no major injuries would be incurred from car accidents in the future. Wheeee~


Sunday, February 25, 2007

CNY photos!!
we should let the pictures do most of the talking, because im lazy :)

~Reunion Dinner! I love this tradition about CNY the most, because i get to eat loads of yummy food! haha. here's two of the ones i love. (lazy to edit the other food pictures, so you guys only get to drool at 2 dishes. haha. )

seriously, i forgot what happened first during DayOne. Well, in summary, my little cute cousin came over to visit ME. wahahaha. i had planned to post up only one picture of him, but every picture of him seems too cute to be hidden away in my computer folder.

I totally love the dress i was wearing that day, and ended up taking too much photos of myself. haha.

I seldom take photos with daddy, so this one is precious.One Happy Family.

Joanne and Me :) We visited some relatives, and these are the two cute talkative boys. The one on the left is super duper cute, and the right side one drew me! haha. it's a pity i didn't take a photo of how 'well' he has drawn.

I had actually planned to wear this as a top with tights at the bottom, but everyone says i look better if i let it be a short dress, so well. it became a dress on me. Hees.Early in the morning, my uncle,came to our house along with his japanese wife and daughter. I have not put on makeup in this photo. haha. Everyone looked...... worn out.

My Lovely Japanese Cousin!!!

After the visit, we went over to several relative's house. One of the relative has an apartment that is furnished like a condominium. The flat isn't very big but it's very classy. I know some friends who tell me they want a BIG BIG house in the future, with loads of space. Well, i used to think that way in the past too, but now i'd rather a smaller condominium with classy modern designs, than one BIG BIG apartment in an hdb estate, with not much renovations. I love beauty, and that's why i prefer my house to be visually attractive. I wouldn't enjoy living in a big but bland apartment. I dont need such a big house. I want a pretty car. ^^

4 pretty girls, in order of age. Hahahaha.
The thing i love most about Chinese New Year is the endless Bagua i get to eat. hees. it's okay to put on weight during the Chinese New Year season, because you know everyone else is putting on weight together with you! lol. Near nighttime, we went to chat under Weijun's house. The guys drank liquor.
I didn't drank the liquor, but i ate this liquor chocolate from Italy. Errr. I didn't faint because the alcohol percentage wasn't that high.
More Pictures!

Meet the parents session. Shunlai came over to my house to BaiNian and have lunch. haha. it was the first time he talked to my parents and i feel that he's nervous. Afterwhich, he brought me to his house to Bainian too! This time it's less scary, because i've seen his family tons of times before.

Shunlai's gonna kill me when he see that i've uploaded this photo. lol. that should teach him a lesson not to make funny faces when im taking photos with him! ^^This is my favourite, although i look kinda wierd.
I like this picture too!
We went over to other relatives house too, and late at night we went back to my Japanese Cousin's house! Joanne says its the first time she saw me playing with kids on my own will. Haha. Reason is, I dont really fancy kids unless they are super cute and not naughty. I get irritated easily by noisy & rude kids. haha.

i seldom Love kids, but he's an exception. Raymous!! He listens to us most of the time, but he's super naughty too. Well, at least he isn't rude. haha. He must be the only kid that i've carried most and doted on most. He's very very cute once you see him in real life. He and his family came to visit us on the fourth day of new year, but i didnt had the chance to see him cause i was at work. *CRYS OUT LOUD*

Alright. the remaining photos have nothing to do with Chinese New Year, but since i've transferred them, why not just post everything up? haha.

Drawn by Nora and Coloured by Era.Esther and Joyce!
Me and Shunlai craved for Ice-Cream in the middle of the night, and ended up buying Cornettos.

I love my hair!! but im planning to use a lighter colour on my next hairdye.

My Short, Blurred and Noisy Experience of the
Chingay 2007 After-Party

Fiona and I had fun squeezing through the crowd, and watching people hop around like japanese vampires. We wanted to kill the DJ though, whose voice was heard super loud through the speaker but nowhere to be seen. Haha.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Remember DDR, the Dance Dance Revolution that was once very popular among the teenagers? Well, i didn't got around to even playing it once, because the dancing machines are always in the centre of arcades where everyone would see you dance. Knowing that im a woodblock in dancing, i've didn't want to embarrass myself infront of so many hunks. I love the game, but I just didn't have the courage to try. Well, actually i did try once. I played the game at Derick's home afew years ago using game controllers. haha. In that way, i just used my fingers instead of real dancing skills.

I stumbled upon this video, probably a very old video. This guy is super in DDR, and yea, i've never seen anyone playing that way before. Some of his dancing moves are really quick.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

and i have no idea how it got sprained -.-

Haha. Anyway, i seem to have some problems with water recently. Two days ago, i threw the whole load of laundry from the pail into the washing machine without realising that there was a magazine inside. Well, in the end the magazine went swimming in the machine and got torn up into super small pieces, sticking to every piece of clothing inside. Now, it's my job to clear those little pieces of junk, and it's way frustrating. i'm thinking about sending it to the laundry cleaner to get them to clear away the mess for me, but...... i think most probably they wont know what to do either. haha.

The 2nd incident was yesterday. I thought i misplaced my wallet when i couldn't find it anywhere in my workplace storeroom. In the end, my colleague found it inside the pail of water, which was supposed to be water for mopping the floor! Yes, in the end my wallet was soaking wet with a nice detergent smell, including the money, namecards, bank transaction paper, coins, neoprints, memory movie tickets, heartshaped paper one from fiona and one from shunlai, and a card from one of my previous dates. In order to wipe away ALL the water, i even had to go to the washroom and pull alot of toilet paper, because it seems that only one of our four staffs had tissue paper with her.

Fiona and Shunlai~!! Make me another Heartshaped Paper soon! i threw away the soaked one. haha. it's time to renew that old piece of paper.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A college class was told they had to write a short story in as few words as possible. The instructions were:

The short story had to contain the following three things:
(1) Religion
(2) Sexuality
(3) Mystery

Below is the only A+ short story in the entire class:
" Dear God, I'm pregnant; I wonder who did it. "

Monday, February 19, 2007

Joanne: Eat breakfast very important leh. Because if you dont eat, your body will not know what time you going to eat, so it will keep your fats.

Esther: (*surprised*) Really ah???

Joanne: Ya lor. That time my school there say der.

Esther: (*munching on KFC PopcornChicken*) then now i must keep eating every minute. when my body see food coming down the throat, it will throw away all the old fats. heehee. i would be throwing away fats every minute. (*smiles in glee*)

Joanne: -.-

Sunday, February 18, 2007


P.S. i didn't draw the picture lah. too busy eating BAGUAs to draw such a cute pig. haha.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Alright, Fine.

I shall stick to my old kind of entries. Harmless, random ramblings. Here's a long one today. hee. Went on a major shopping spree with Mum after weeks of working, and bought 4 dresses, 1 top, 1 mini pants, 1 skirt, 1 bangle, 1 necklace, 1 earring, 1 hairband, 1 tights, and 1 belt. Mum sponsored! haha. i used to love two piece clothing, and didn't really fancy dresses. But ever since i started working in FashionLab, i grew to love dresses so much, that i was practically looking only at the dress section that day.

Here's some of the results of my retail therapy. I think they looked better in real life., because I can't seems to really catch a nicer angle in the photos.

Valentines Day Photos!
I spent part of the afternoon with Nick.

Me and Shunlai spent TWO valentines day! =) He dyed his hair red, blue, and some other colour. There was supposed to be Green, but goodness knows why he doesn't want it. I think green looks nice on guys. especially Green Eyes! Who cares if it's contact lenses. what matters is the outcome.

By the way, i redyed my hair! Now it's finally fully Copper Golden Blonde. Yay.
oh ya, i signed up for paypal already. i actually signed up for it because i MAY open an online shop. Maybe only. i might not have enough time to manage it anyway. So well, since the shop name isn't even thought of yet, donations are gratefully welcomed currently. haha. My paypal icon is at the sidebar, together with 2 other new sections. (omg. my sidebar is getting messier and messier.) hees.

I shed off 4kgs but after tonight's reunion dinner and 3 days of eating Bagua, titbits and sweets, i think my weight will bounce back. haha. I'll be uploading Chinese New Year photos after the 3 days. Lets wish i'll have time to touch the computer to at least update abit!