Friday, February 9, 2007

Im gonna be looking at my Olevel result slip in afew hours time, and im still here listening to music and editing my photos. And while others are already getting nervous since last week, i was more focused on deciding what to wear.

Oh gosh. Am i abnormal or what? Haha. Nevertheless, i wish for the best when i receive my results later. I dont aim for distinctions, but at least let me pass 5 subjects. I need it to enter poly, even if it means taking up the lousiest course there.

i found this song on someone else's blog. I guess it's not new, but the singer has got such a great voice that i was tempted to share it.

HSM- When there was Me and You

Anyway, time for some clearing up, AGAIN. Friends thought i was photogenic, because my photos always appear much nicer than how i looked in real life. I started explaining to them that it was photoshop that made them look better. But now, it seems that it wasn't Photoshop anymore.

Look at this page from

It was a photo taken of me when i went to collect the Ipod Shuffle Prize. Your first reaction must be: "huh?? why look so different from her photos in her blog?!!"

Yes, that was my father's reaction too. It's a total case of faded-makeup and wrong angle. Even a photoshopped version couldn't save the picture. Haha. Im not naturally pretty, that's why I have to wear thick makeup when i go out. But because of some unknown reasons, my makeup drops off very quickly. When that happens, i would normally reapply makeup to my face, but not that day. There was no washrooms around to let me do that un-publicly.

However, Even with makeup, i look wierd from some angles. Yea, that was what i observed in 17 years of life. Ask my bestfriend, my boyfriend, and my past classmates. They've all seen me in all my ugliest angles possible. That cannot be solved because i can't possibly force them to always look at me from my prettiest angle right? haha.

That's my conclusion. My face look better in photos NOT because i photoshopped. It's because i know my better angles, and i use those angles in my self-portraits. Of course i dont deny that i did photoshop abit to touchup and cover those freckles which my makeup didn't fully cover.

And then, people who dont understand would ask: "why must you photoshop and choose angle? just natural lah."

IF im naturally a babe, i would not even have to install photoshop, duh. I know that im not super-gorgeous, and that's why i try to look the best i can. Who doesn't want people think that they look nice?

Even when i put up photos shooted from the better angles, critics have already stated that they want to puke. Imagine what would happen if i post up photos from all my bad angles. tsk.

I dont put nice photos in my blog to attract guys, for goodness sake. I dont need online suitors. I live in the real world, and i've known enough real people out there to keep me contented. So there.

Here's some random photos. it has been long since i last took pictures in the toilet, so pardon me. haha. im feeling too lazy to photoshop away the background. Look at my new coloured hair! I dyed it to Copper-Golden-Blonde. there has been some error in my dyeing technique though. the top part of my head is super light, while the bottom looks abit blackish like before. Still, I loved it better than the total black hair which has been on my head since i was born. hee. im gonna dye my hair again soon, and this time i hope my whole hair would turn Copper-Golden-Blonde like i want it to.

A case of Failed-Act-Cuteness.

Another photography + manipulation while waiting for my Boy that day.

This dress wasn't long. it looked long because i sat on other pink dresses. hehs.

They told me this dress looked nice on me, but...... i dont think so. haha.
Last of all, im craving for cheesecakes currently.

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