Saturday, February 10, 2007

now's the time for you people to laugh to yourself that you've got better results than mine. haha.

(from best to worst)
Chinese Oral- Distinction :]
English Lang- B3
Chinese- B3
Art&Design- B4
Combined Humanities- C6
Mathematics- C6
Principles Of Accounts- E8
Science (Physics,Chemistry)- E8
Additional Math- F9

ignore the bottom 3 scores. i expected F9 and didn't study much for them anyway. haha. i risked and placed my focus on only 5 subjects and luckily, they passed. *claps* Since i plan to enter Poly, my L1R4 is 22. It's beyond the cut-off point lah. My scores for revelant subjects are not even able to let me enter Engineering and Nursing courses, which are supposed to be the easiest to enter! haha. The courses that im eligible for are all related to Design/Media/Communications/Business Studies. *phew* at least they are courses that im interested in.

Now for the Bragging of my testimonial which the teacher gave..

Character Development:
Esther is an unassuming and polite pupil. Her warm and amiable personality has won her many friends. She is able to express her ideas eloquently in her essays which have often been held as model pieces of work for her classmates to emulate.

CCA/CIP involvement:
Besides displaying good attitude in her academic arena, Esther was also a committed member of the school's badmintion team. She is also a warm and caring person. She has been actively involved in her class CIP since 2003. She helped to raise funds for SANA and NKF. She also played a significant role in painting the schools badminton courts and badminton poles.

Activities and Contributions:
*loads of boring blahblahs*

Esther is an intelligent pupil who has the potential to succeed. I believe that, given the strong will that she possesses, she will be able to accomplish much in life.

- - - - - - - - -
im very very satisfied with my testimonial =D
(especially the 'intelligent' part. hehs )

anyway, does anyone knows the minimum requirements to take up a course in NAFA? im considering it into my choices as well.

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