Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Although I get extremely pissed off whenever the taxi driver drives so slowly like a snail while im super late for work, im very afraid of fast cars too. Dont get it wrong, i dont have a phobia with speed. In fact, I love speed. I like playing rollercoasters and fast flying rides in amusement parks. But, all those are different from a speeding car on the road. At amusement parks, there are safety precautions that would make me feel at ease while enjoying the speed. Not for cars though. Even if you had your safety belt on, it doesn't 100% means you wont fly 50 metres away in an accident.

Last night on the way home from Orchard in a taxi, I was constantly grabbing the handle at my side of the door. My first scare from the taxi was when the taxi suddenly braked in the middle of a fast-paced wide road, because a bicycle came in from nowhere. Omg. what if there was a car behind us that couldn't brake in time?? After that, the taxi driver started bragging that he wouldn't be afraid of people with tattoos like the cyclist. He claimed he was from the CID lasttime, and he had knew alot of big Ah Bengs before.
At one point of the journey, the way he swerved in a curve almost made me thought my end was nearing. He was like driving into the fence, then he suddenly jerked left!! There was a major traffic jam when we were about to reach Eunos and the taxi driver would always stop just afew inches behind the butt of the car infront. We went pass the accident area and saw small bits of glasses on the road. Suddenly there was an uncomfortable feeling inside me. It seems like life is so fragile that one could leave this world without warning at anytime. Dying from illness isn't as bad as dying from accidents, because at least you get to write your will before you die on the sickbed. You wont get the chance to tell your loved ones how much you love them when you die in an accident. Sometimes, accidents could changed our whole destiny. Some ambitions might be dashed if the injury includes permanant loss of legs or hands. It's like, you were happily driving on the way to your girlfriend house, bringing her a bunch of flowers for a surprise, when suddenly... BANG. another car kicked the butt of your car and sent you flying to the other side of the road. Suddenly, a night that was supposed to be romantic turned out to be a disaster, hospitalized night. I get upset whenever i read from newspapers about sudden accidents like that. I dont like the way that people could lose things that are so important to them just so suddenly.

After the super long traffic jam, the taxi driver drived even faster, moving left and right inbetween other cars to overtake. It's a miracle how i managed to survive the ride and reach home safely.

I hope some scientist would invent bumper cars on the road soon. In that way, no major injuries would be incurred from car accidents in the future. Wheeee~


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