Thursday, February 22, 2007

and i have no idea how it got sprained -.-

Haha. Anyway, i seem to have some problems with water recently. Two days ago, i threw the whole load of laundry from the pail into the washing machine without realising that there was a magazine inside. Well, in the end the magazine went swimming in the machine and got torn up into super small pieces, sticking to every piece of clothing inside. Now, it's my job to clear those little pieces of junk, and it's way frustrating. i'm thinking about sending it to the laundry cleaner to get them to clear away the mess for me, but...... i think most probably they wont know what to do either. haha.

The 2nd incident was yesterday. I thought i misplaced my wallet when i couldn't find it anywhere in my workplace storeroom. In the end, my colleague found it inside the pail of water, which was supposed to be water for mopping the floor! Yes, in the end my wallet was soaking wet with a nice detergent smell, including the money, namecards, bank transaction paper, coins, neoprints, memory movie tickets, heartshaped paper one from fiona and one from shunlai, and a card from one of my previous dates. In order to wipe away ALL the water, i even had to go to the washroom and pull alot of toilet paper, because it seems that only one of our four staffs had tissue paper with her.

Fiona and Shunlai~!! Make me another Heartshaped Paper soon! i threw away the soaked one. haha. it's time to renew that old piece of paper.

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