Sunday, February 25, 2007

CNY photos!!
we should let the pictures do most of the talking, because im lazy :)

~Reunion Dinner! I love this tradition about CNY the most, because i get to eat loads of yummy food! haha. here's two of the ones i love. (lazy to edit the other food pictures, so you guys only get to drool at 2 dishes. haha. )

seriously, i forgot what happened first during DayOne. Well, in summary, my little cute cousin came over to visit ME. wahahaha. i had planned to post up only one picture of him, but every picture of him seems too cute to be hidden away in my computer folder.

I totally love the dress i was wearing that day, and ended up taking too much photos of myself. haha.

I seldom take photos with daddy, so this one is precious.One Happy Family.

Joanne and Me :) We visited some relatives, and these are the two cute talkative boys. The one on the left is super duper cute, and the right side one drew me! haha. it's a pity i didn't take a photo of how 'well' he has drawn.

I had actually planned to wear this as a top with tights at the bottom, but everyone says i look better if i let it be a short dress, so well. it became a dress on me. Hees.Early in the morning, my uncle,came to our house along with his japanese wife and daughter. I have not put on makeup in this photo. haha. Everyone looked...... worn out.

My Lovely Japanese Cousin!!!

After the visit, we went over to several relative's house. One of the relative has an apartment that is furnished like a condominium. The flat isn't very big but it's very classy. I know some friends who tell me they want a BIG BIG house in the future, with loads of space. Well, i used to think that way in the past too, but now i'd rather a smaller condominium with classy modern designs, than one BIG BIG apartment in an hdb estate, with not much renovations. I love beauty, and that's why i prefer my house to be visually attractive. I wouldn't enjoy living in a big but bland apartment. I dont need such a big house. I want a pretty car. ^^

4 pretty girls, in order of age. Hahahaha.
The thing i love most about Chinese New Year is the endless Bagua i get to eat. hees. it's okay to put on weight during the Chinese New Year season, because you know everyone else is putting on weight together with you! lol. Near nighttime, we went to chat under Weijun's house. The guys drank liquor.
I didn't drank the liquor, but i ate this liquor chocolate from Italy. Errr. I didn't faint because the alcohol percentage wasn't that high.
More Pictures!

Meet the parents session. Shunlai came over to my house to BaiNian and have lunch. haha. it was the first time he talked to my parents and i feel that he's nervous. Afterwhich, he brought me to his house to Bainian too! This time it's less scary, because i've seen his family tons of times before.

Shunlai's gonna kill me when he see that i've uploaded this photo. lol. that should teach him a lesson not to make funny faces when im taking photos with him! ^^This is my favourite, although i look kinda wierd.
I like this picture too!
We went over to other relatives house too, and late at night we went back to my Japanese Cousin's house! Joanne says its the first time she saw me playing with kids on my own will. Haha. Reason is, I dont really fancy kids unless they are super cute and not naughty. I get irritated easily by noisy & rude kids. haha.

i seldom Love kids, but he's an exception. Raymous!! He listens to us most of the time, but he's super naughty too. Well, at least he isn't rude. haha. He must be the only kid that i've carried most and doted on most. He's very very cute once you see him in real life. He and his family came to visit us on the fourth day of new year, but i didnt had the chance to see him cause i was at work. *CRYS OUT LOUD*

Alright. the remaining photos have nothing to do with Chinese New Year, but since i've transferred them, why not just post everything up? haha.

Drawn by Nora and Coloured by Era.Esther and Joyce!
Me and Shunlai craved for Ice-Cream in the middle of the night, and ended up buying Cornettos.

I love my hair!! but im planning to use a lighter colour on my next hairdye.


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