Sunday, February 4, 2007

Little things make me a happy person.

hehs. without the votes you guys gave faithfully everyday, the name up there would not be me already. thanks alot! Now, click the image below to help vote for February again! =D

I stumbled upon these two pictures that day while random clicking. I find this one really funny but i can't figure out what's the point of this picture. haha.
(and if you people are going to start grumbling about me showing a bad example to smaller kids, im gonna tell them that the big silver packet is actually the seasoning we put inside maggi noodles -.- )

The second picture is this. Hahaha. It's a fish trying to protect itself with a shark's fin but I think it's actually bringing danger to itself. As far as im concern, im much more interested in SharkFin soup than a mini wriggly goldfish and i know more than half the population reading this would agree about this. haha.

I also came upon this website and played around with face-making. And..... i made this guy from scratch! =D
I think he looks cute although abit wierd. hees. I rushed through it so it isn't actually perfect. Go try making too! Give me the link to your screenshot through the commentbox :)

And.... I love this image that Biying drew. Simple yet so sweet. Oh ya, why they dont have legs one ah??

boy, sometimes the things you do really makes me doubt about what i am to you. Sometimes you hold me tight, but sometimes you try to turn away. Or maybe, I shouldn't really be asking for more than what you've already gave. Thanks alot though. Im really fortunate to be the one holding your hands.

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