Saturday, February 17, 2007

Alright, Fine.

I shall stick to my old kind of entries. Harmless, random ramblings. Here's a long one today. hee. Went on a major shopping spree with Mum after weeks of working, and bought 4 dresses, 1 top, 1 mini pants, 1 skirt, 1 bangle, 1 necklace, 1 earring, 1 hairband, 1 tights, and 1 belt. Mum sponsored! haha. i used to love two piece clothing, and didn't really fancy dresses. But ever since i started working in FashionLab, i grew to love dresses so much, that i was practically looking only at the dress section that day.

Here's some of the results of my retail therapy. I think they looked better in real life., because I can't seems to really catch a nicer angle in the photos.

Valentines Day Photos!
I spent part of the afternoon with Nick.

Me and Shunlai spent TWO valentines day! =) He dyed his hair red, blue, and some other colour. There was supposed to be Green, but goodness knows why he doesn't want it. I think green looks nice on guys. especially Green Eyes! Who cares if it's contact lenses. what matters is the outcome.

By the way, i redyed my hair! Now it's finally fully Copper Golden Blonde. Yay.
oh ya, i signed up for paypal already. i actually signed up for it because i MAY open an online shop. Maybe only. i might not have enough time to manage it anyway. So well, since the shop name isn't even thought of yet, donations are gratefully welcomed currently. haha. My paypal icon is at the sidebar, together with 2 other new sections. (omg. my sidebar is getting messier and messier.) hees.

I shed off 4kgs but after tonight's reunion dinner and 3 days of eating Bagua, titbits and sweets, i think my weight will bounce back. haha. I'll be uploading Chinese New Year photos after the 3 days. Lets wish i'll have time to touch the computer to at least update abit!

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