Thursday, February 1, 2007

Wooooh. It has been such a long time since i did some serious updating with loads and loads of photos. haha. Finally i've gathered some photos from the past week which should be able to stretch this post into a long one which i promised :)

i collected the ipod shuffle which i won because of my blog. Daddy now agrees with me that blogging is not useless afterall. hahaha. I gave the ipod shuffle to daddy in exchange that he will buy a new earpiece for me.

Not i stupid hor. It's just that i need a new earpiece more than the ipod.

Today's the first day of February 2007, and O level results are coming out around next week. Omg. Time is running fast isn't it? Two months ago i was looking forward to poly but after a stupid nightmare, i've changed my mind.

The nightmare was kind of wierd. People around me are almost all malay, and they seems to know magic. Not those entertaining kind of magic, but those evil goosebumby magic. My 'best-friend-to-be' in poly was sometimes there sometimes not, and the school grounds seems eerie. Yuck. It really scared me so much that it was about half-an-hour later after waking up before i realised it was only a dream. Phew. i do hope Fiona and me would get into the same poly if not the same course. At least i would be able to hide behind someone if eerie things happen. But before i can actually hide behind her without being seen, i have to really really slim down alot! haha. I have not contacted her for quite awhile though. it seems that we are all too busy around our own lives and friends that i dont even know which guy she's dating currently. That's way ridiculous because for the past years, i've always been the first to know!! grr.

It has been long since i last went shopping- outside orchard. I want buy lots of new clothes!! Given my tight budget, i could not afford to spend on dresses in my working place, since an average dress there cost about $79. The most i could do? Try some of the nicer designs in the fitting room when the supervisor is in a good mood, and comfort myself that at least i've worn expensive dresses before. haha.

I like this. it's actually originally just a plain dress but i think it looks better with that black belt which was actually part of another dress. haha.

This is a new arrival but it doesn't suits me.

I like this tube top and the minishorts! now i just need to wait for some kind people to volunteer buying them for me :D

When i dont take photos of myself, i dont take at all.
If i do, the result would be many many many at one go. haha.

Obviously turned upside down because it doesn't look nice upstraight. LOL.

Get some smiles out! it has been long since i last smiled for the camera with my teeth showing. haha.

Ignore the captions. I just find it suitable for this super stuck-up pose.

I like this photo below but Joanne's first reaction to this photo was: "not nice la!"

I dont look like my photos. It's almost all heavily photoshopped.
this is SUPER-HEAVILY photoshopped. i dont like this picture much anyway. it's tooooooo decent and so unlike me. The three outstanding eyelashes is FAKE! i drew them using photoshop la! haha. im not crazy to draw like that on my real face la. heee. I like this photo though.
i just realised that i've been blammering on and on about random things which are so boring that i wouldn't even want to read my own post.

oh well, nevermind. at least this post is as longish as i promised. haha. just pray hard that i'll have better things to blog about after today!


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