Wednesday, February 7, 2007

*regarding yesterday's post*

that was a just another lighthearted entry because i have nothing better to blog about and guess what? people come bombarding me with comments about how irritating some salesgirls can be. omg.

True. I dont like it too when smiling salesgirls follow me around in the shop because most of the time im just window-shopping. It's just awkward and it makes you feel like you are obliged to buy something.

That's the reason why i dont like following people around too, because i know how it feels like to be followed. But if i don't, my supervisor would start nagging at my ears about why i didn't serve the customer. After four to five times listening silently to her naggings, i started becoming thick-skinned and just serve everyone who comes in, no matter how fierce they look.

You guys can't blame salesgirls for following you around. it's just their job. just like me, they might not even want to follow you in the first place.

Anyway, most of the customers i served LIKED the kind of service we gave. they prefer it if the salesgirl introduce the clothing to them politely, rather than a silent frowning salesgirl behind the counter or gossipy lazy salesgirls.

Oh ya, i received a comment from 'A' regarding yesterday's entry. He/She wrote this:

"Yea, I so agree when salesgirl tell me that there is discount going on like I can't afford and that when there's paper saying new arrival and you tell me that.It's not like we can't see it."

"A", whoever you are, since when did i stated that there's a paper stating 'New Arrival'?? For your information, there wasn't. And why in the world would you think that discounts is only for people who can't afford boutique dresses? If you didn't know, BRANDED shops have discounts too.

About that girl i blogged about, I hereby state here that i DID NOT follow her around. that conversation took place afew seconds after she entered the shop. My purpose in that post is not to say that people who ignore salesgirls are rude. Im just saying that a pretty girl who's rude can look unpleasant.

Cheers to those who understanded my post completely yesterday. By the way, i dont place a BIG-GRIN on my face for no reason -.-

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