Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Candy Bar by The Lair Weddings

We had The Lair Weddings to do up our Candy Bar for the pre-banquet cocktail!

I have always wanted to have a pretty dessert table or candy bar at the cocktail so I was delighted when I saw these photos on The Lair Weddings website! Aren't they pretty??

This is the standard candy bar, at a very affordable rate of $329! If you are a recent bride to be, you'd definitely know that this price is extremely good! Most dessert bars of decent standard are in the range of higher hundreds or even more than a thousand for a customized dessert table.

Standard Candy Bar Set Up  -  (compliments a lunch/dinner event for 150-200 guests)

♥  individually wrapped lollipops served in rustic metal  pots
♥ colorful candy eggs served in an apothecary jar
♥  love letters (vanilla/chocolate) served on a 2 tier dessert tray
♥  heart shaped marshmallows served in an apothecary jar
♥  ice gem biscuits served in colorful paper cups in accordance to color theme
♥  cocoa waffle biscuits served in an apothecary jar

*Item selection may be customised,

This one below is the Premium Candy Bar Set- (compliments a lunch/dinner event for 150-200 guests)

♥  cocoa waffle biscuits served in an apothecary jar
♥  hand-crafted macarons (choice of chocolate, salted   caramel, vanilla, earl grey tea, lavender, Japanese matcha, lemon and rose)
♥  heart shaped marshmallows served in an apothecary jar
♥  ferrero rocher chocolates served on a tiered dessert platter
♥  assorted jellied gummies served in patterned paper cups in accordance to color theme
♥  individually wrapped lollipops served in rustic metal pots
♥  colorful candy eggs served in an apothecary jar
♥  ice gem biscuits served in colorful paper cups in accordance to color theme
♥  love letters (vanilla/chocolate) served on hand crafted paper cones

One thing I like about The Lair Weddings is that I can choose whichever design I want and be assured that it will turn out exactly like the photo.

For me, I had the Standard Candy Bar decorated in Dusty Pink Tulle (add on service) to fit my theme! Many of my guests brought along their kids, so it made sense for me to cater candies at the wedding!

The Lair Weddings candy bar was conceived in 2015 to simply add joy to one's special occasion. The owner grew up with a sweet tooth and believes that one can never have too many sweet treats.

The foyer had dark lighting so our photos really do not do justice to how pretty the candy bar was!

The lollipops were highly popular among the kids! I like how it's nicely wrapped so the kids can bring it home as a goodie gift too!

Almost gone!

Wish I had a chance to enjoy the treats too but most of it were gone by the time we reached! Luckily our photographer managed to take these photos!

Complete your special day with a sweet candy bar and splendid decorations by The Lair Weddings! I highly recommend them for their professional service! Besides weddings, they also cater to bridal showers, birthdays, surprise proposals, baby first month, and other events too!

Check out the range of candy bars available at The Lair Weddings! www.thelairweddings.co

Photo credits to: NinebySG

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Wedding Styling by Eventtually

Today, I'd be sharing some photos of the cocktail session before our banquet!

In addition to some customized prints, we also had the team from Eventtually to style the area!

Eventtually provides props rental service at affordable and reasonable prices. Best thing is, they are able to customize the props according to your preference!

Before the wedding, we discussed about our wedding theme and I also sent them some photos of the kind of decor I want. They prepared the props accordingly and settled everything for us afterwards! The whole time, it was so fuss-free! I didn't have to worry much because from time to time, they'd send me updates and it was obvious that they understood my expectations.

Besides cocktail decor, the floral arch at our solemnization was also set up by them! Wedding arches are now available at only $200+, customization to any wedding theme!!! From my understanding, it's actually very difficult to find wedding arches in Singapore for such a price! No hidden costs; price includes delivery, set-up, and teardown! Email eventtually@gmail.com or whatsapp 97762362 or 98787650 now! I really like how the floral arch prettily frames our solemnization setting. It'd have been so plain without it.

Our theme was basically pink and white and florals!

Eventtually offers angpow boxes too but the ones from Marriott are already very pretty so we decided to just let the hotel provide. I bought the picture frame from Daiso - just nice it fits our theme so perfectly!

Our reception set up~

We took awhile to change so we were kinda late and didn't get to mingle enough with the guests! :(

We provided wine, juices, and canapes for our guests! Contemplated having a peking duck station too but everyone I asked said it was unnecessary so we didn't. Actually is I ownself want to eat lah hahaha.

And our photo album table! I LOVE IT!!!

I especially love the wooden frame with twirling flowers.

I was asked to pick several photos and I decided on these 9 significant memories!

It's not placed in time sequence, but I'd share abit about each of them!

Top row 1st photo:
Our first overseas trip together in Genting (with my family).

Top row 2nd, Last row 2nd:
Our trip to Melbourne together (with my family) last year!

Mid row 3rd, Last row 1st and 3rd:
Our trip to Seoul (with my mum) for our prewedding shoot!

Top row 3rd:
Jay Chou concert!!! The tickets were part of his proposal so it was something special.

2nd row 1st:
Played with dolphins!

2nd row 2nd:
At the registry of marriage when we went to collect our marriage cert!

Yep our honeymoon to Europe was the first time we went on a trip alone together!
No photos of the proposal here because we were screening our proposal video before the march in.

We had two very thick and heavy albums because I miscounted the number of photos! Lol. Only when it arrived then I realize we should have tried to separate it to 3 or 4 albums...

Better Together
Always & Forever
Happily Ever After

Honestly I didn't remember us taking this photo.... Haha.

We had this too!

Chelsea's very cute baby brooklyn!

Quote "EstherXie" to get $50 off any of the package at Eventtually! Email eventtually@gmail.com or whatsapp 97762362 or 98787650 now!

We also had a candy table and photobooth at our cocktail. Will share more in the next entry! :)

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Saturday, May 20, 2017


We had our solemnization at the Pool Terrace Pavilion of Marriott Hotel before the banquet. I've always liked how weddings with natural sunlight turn out so pretty in photos but due to the humid and unpredictable weather in Singapore, it wasn't feasible for us to hold a garden wedding banquet. Hence, we opted for an outdoor solemnization instead! Shorter duration = guest won't have to suffer under the heat. In fact, it was quite cooling because of the huge ceiling fan above us!

Having a shelter also meant that I didn't have to worry about the weather and we can still proceed as planned even if it rains. Thankfully, we had bright and clear skies that day!

View from the poolside~

I took a long time shortlisting these photos because I liked almost every single one! I had a hard time comparing and picking out the best images so you'd be seeing quite a number of repeated same-but-not-same photos below. Haha.

Check out our ring holder! It's a floral nest with two lovebirds~ I got it from taobao through Ezbuy Prime (this link: https://ezbuy.sg/product/20000004548823.html ). Sign up for an account here http://bit.ly/theiceangel and get free $10 shopping credits! This is only around $11+! Add an additional fee to customize it to your name!

Our pretty vows booklet!

My grandparents and little cousin!

Walking in with daddy~ During our wedding preparations, we focused mostly on everything else except the solemnization. I was quite relaxed about it as compared to the rest of the schedule! I didn't even prepare for the background music and just used whatever the hotel gave. I thought we'd all just casually take our seats and didn't expect that I'd end up walking in so formally. Haha.

We were lucky that we managed to get the very popular Dr Phua as our JP! My parents and relatives commented that he's quite entertaining~

Some of my bridesmaids kena caught on camera not paying attention. Hahahahhaha.

The guys~ 罚站. Lol.

For our vows, we both stated what's important to us in a marriage and then edited it to flow smoothly.

Basically, we hope to have the following elements in our marriage:
- Honesty & Faithfulness
- Love & Cherish each other
- Dote & Protect, Care & Respect
- To find Comfort and Strength in each other
- To find Happiness and Companionship in each other

His Vows:

I, Steve, take you, Esther, to be my beloved wife, 
to have and to hold from this day forward.

Here I promise to be faithful and true,
to always love and cherish you.

I will dote on you, protect you,
be your pillar of strength and comfort,
your happiness and your companion,
for as long as we both shall live. 

Her Vows:

I, Esther, take you, Steve, to be my beloved husband, 
to have and to hold from this day forward.

Here I promise to be faithful and true,
to always love and cherish you.

I will care for you, respect you,
be your pillar of strength and comfort,
your happiness and your companion,
for as long as we both shall live. 

Spot the slight difference! Haha.

We tried to keep our vows simple and classic because we wanted the words to still make sense decades down the road. Instead of specific promises which might become trivial at another point in our lives, we decided to use general words that could cover many different situations. For example, if he promises that he would dote me, it also means he'd have to treat me well and give me anything I want. hahaha.

You may now kiss the bride!

My pretty wedding arch is set up by Eventtually! I sent them several inspiration photos and they manufactured this for me - square wooden arch with flowers and drapes! Such a beautiful backdrop for our solemnization! I've always wanted to have a floral arch for my wedding and I'm glad they fulfilled this dream for me :) Whatsapp 92768400 to enquire and remember to quote "EstherXie" to get $50 off any decor package!

We used gold pens which I also got from Taobao via Ezbuy Prime (link: https://ezbuy.sg/product/20000004548824.html) ~ Sign up for an account here http://bit.ly/theiceangel and get free $10 shopping credits!

Officially married!

Third gown for the day - decided to go simple since the solemnization is in an outdoor setting and I have two other white ballgowns for that day so this is something different.

The only official photo I have of our full squad that day! So thankful we had these twelve awesome friends to help us with the entire wedding. Groomsmen outfit from OneSimpleGown.com and Bridesmaid dresses from Hollyhoque! The bouquet in my hands from TheFlowerGodmother.

My sister caught the bouquet!

Fidelis who came down specially for the solemnization because she couldn't make it for the banquet!

My lovely friends who came early for our solemnization and little cutie Aidan who rolled on the bed in our suite!

We had the pleasure of collaborating with some amazing vendors for our wedding and I'm ever so thankful for the sponsorship and support given. Each of them made my wedding much better than I expected.

Actual Day Main Photography:Kevin Ho

Actual Day Secondary Photography:NinebySG


Quote ESTHER5 for 5% off)

Bridesmaid Dresses:Hollyhoque

Gowns and Suit:Seletar Broadway Bridal Studio

Groomsmen Outfits:Onesimplegown

Bridal Nails:Milly's

Wedding Essentials:Ezbuy
(Free $10 shopping credit)

Designs:Joanne Chia

Catering for Guo Da Li:Foodline
(Apply code FLEXWED38 for $38 off)

Wedding Favors:MacaronsSG

Bachelorette Party:Studio M Hotel

Venue Styling:Eventtually
(Quote "EstherXie" to get $50 off)

Candy Bar:The Lair Weddings

Flowers:The Flower Godmother