Sunday, May 14, 2017

Wedding - Tea Ceremony

Arriving at the groom's place for tea ceremony! At this point we were running so late that my bridesmaid in charge of timekeeping totally gave up. Hahahaha. Thankfully, the tea ceremony took lesser time than expected and we managed to get back on track with the schedule afterwards!

Nothing much to elaborate, shall just let the photos do the talking!

For the tea ceremony with my family and relatives, I changed into this red gown which I like very much! I fell in love with it the moment I tried it on at the bridal studio and I think it's my favourite one out of the five gowns I wore on our wedding. Too bad the tea ceremony was only for an hour and not many saw me in it.

Time for us to give out angpow to the kids too! I'm the first one to get married among my relatives for my generation both maternal and paternal side, so that's alot to give! Need to start saving for next year cny liao haha.

My favourite photo in this gown! Too bad it's taken using phone camera! Else I'd totally print and frame it up!

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We had the pleasure of collaborating with some amazing vendors for our wedding and I'm ever so thankful for the sponsorship and support given. Each of them made my wedding much better than I expected.

Actual Day Main Photography:Kevin Ho

Actual Day Secondary Photography:NinebySG


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Bridesmaid Dresses:Hollyhoque

Gowns and Suit:Seletar Broadway Bridal Studio

Groomsmen Outfits:Onesimplegown

Bridal Nails:Milly's

Wedding Essentials:Ezbuy
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Designs:Joanne Chia

Catering for Guo Da Li:Foodline
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Wedding Favors:MacaronsSG

Bachelorette Party:Studio M Hotel

Venue Styling:Eventtually
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Candy Bar:The Lair Weddings

Flowers:The Flower Godmother

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