Monday, July 31, 2006

- Left eye painful and a little swollen. :(
- Eye bags are conquering the area under my eyes.
- Laziness killing me.
- Photo-transfer-port still couldnt work.
(4th day already leh.. dont bully me liao lei.. )
- gained 2kgs after losing 2kgs lastnight.
- Found Ant's Gathering at the dining table.

let something better happen okay??

Sunday, July 30, 2006

(in the photos for their new album)
S.H.E looked great, great, and GREAT!!~ they are SO PRETTY!!
im almost jealous.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

im deciding whether i should eat that last piece of cake.
should i?
should i?
my house is being infested with ants again,
and i found out a marvelous way to get rid of them easily and cheaply.
No, not insecticides.
No, not a knife.
and NO, not a gun.

it's a.... BANANA!!~
firstly, buy a bunch of bananas.
it's VERY cheap.
Take one of the bananas and you can have the rest of the bunch for dinner.
Unpeel that banana, and leave it somewhere that you wont step on.
afew hours later,
you will see the whole population of ants (that are living in your house)
greedily eating the banana.
so all you have to do is just pick up the banana,
and throw it out of the window.
now, the ant's home is downstairs already.

no more ants!!

Friday, July 28, 2006


oh yes.
it's Suku's birthday today.

... and we went to SAKAE SUSHI!!~
yea. that greenish sushi place.
( is it always greenish? or is it only greenish in tampines?? O.o )

well, im not uploading the photos today,
cos my transfer port seems to be a little sick.
it keeps rejecting the photos i feed.
alright.. maybe tomorrow.

anyway, bel gave suku this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle of the
Disney Fairytale Princesses.

(1) lucky CINDERELLA
(2) the ever so famous SNOW WHITE
(3) little mermaid ARIEL
(4) beauty&thebeast BELLE
(5) aladdin's JASMINE

we were talking about who's the prettier among these fairytale princesses.
i remember when i was young, i used to think sleeping beauty is the prettiest.
know why?
because in all the storybooks i have,
the cartoon drawings of Sleeping Beauty is prettier than the others.
as i grow up, then i realised that different storybooks have different pictures..

well, i still think being Sleeping Beauty is the best.
all she has to do is get borned into this world as a Princess, live till the age of 16, prick her fingers, sleep for 100 years, and
a prince kisses her.
she doesnt even have to do anything.

not fair.
why snowhite have to die first before meeting her prince?
why cinderella must do housework before dancing with the prince?
why mermaid must become mute then can be with the guy?
why jasmine must go through so much just to marry a poor guy aladdin?
why beauty must spent time with beast then the beast can become handsome??

No wonder people say life is unfair.
even fairytales portray that.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Hungry Ghost Festival.
i guess all of you might have already noticed the smoke gathering at our playgrounds downstairs.

I think the firemen would be really busy for this whole month running from one end of singapore to the other end because of fake smoke alarms.
it's a rare chance for those firemen to slim down.

anyway, here are
Rules You Should Not Break During
the Hungry Ghost Festival:

(1) Never step on incense ashes, red candles and joss-sticks.
(2) Never get irritated by the mess of incense burnings.
(3) Switch on all the lights in your home if you dont want to risk bumping into 'them'.
(4) Never be so kiasu to sit in the front seats when watching the GeTai. - front seats are reserved for 'them'.
(5) Never pick up oranges from the street and eat them thinking that they fell from a tree.
(6) Dont pick up calls after 12 midnight.
(7) dont cry in the night- you will scare the neighbours -.-
(9) Sleep before 9pm. i shall push you to bed if i see you at msn tonight.
(10) Follow these rules.

and you know what...?
i broke Rule Number One today.
im gonna avoid walking near drains and grasses for the whole month.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

my dinner tastes wierd.
im gonna throw it away.

well, i hope it doesn't get lonely on the garbage truck..
Denise, Fiona and ME found another talent hidden inside us.
Captured with afew other girls at the corner of our school staircase for an hour plus,
We composed this amazing poem.

The sun shining high at us
And here comes the magic school bus.
The floor is full of dust,
and the ground is green with grass.
We only have our handphones with us,
and a chair covered in rust.
Saw a cat looking up at us,
someone's showing sympathy at last.
We have not finished our main task,
the teacher looks like she's going to fuss.
The time's passing, not very fast;
we noticed each other's little scars.
Someone drew a yellow star
we wish we can go up to Mars.
Entering the school gate is a giant car
Please come save us with chocolate bars.

great isn't it??
hahas. Sounds like a tonguetwister when i read it aloud.

Monday, July 24, 2006

i spent more than my pocket money today.
and the worst thing about it is...
it's ALL spent on FOOD!!~

money gone and fats gained.
what a 'great' exchange.

anyways, i was late for school AGAIN.
3 times in less than 2 weeks.

i wish i could run as fast as ChickenLittle.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

so this is how i look like in the dark?

i hope the ghosts are afraid of me

im a happy girl today.

even the wind loves me :)


Saturday, July 22, 2006

who says only JapaneseGirls love to wear long socks?
here's one Singaporean Grandfather who thinks long socks are hip too!~
:) hehes. sorry if he's your grandfather =X

Friday, July 21, 2006


me> daddy, today is racial harmony day leh.
daddy> that's why we all today shouldnt quarrel la.
me> but we all not difference race marhs. *grins* that's why we can quarrel. hehes.

daddy> -.- eat your dinner la.

this morning was a disaster.
a black cat followed me this morning.
i dodged it 3 times, and 3 times it caught up with me and blocked my way.
i managed to escape from it's claws.

well, back to RacialHarmonyDay.
i wore a Malay Costume,
and i seriously dont know how malay women survived in traditional clothes during the olden days.
a five minute walk ended me sweating like a wet cloud already.

i finally appreciate school uniforms.
now i know how cooling school uniforms are~

anyways, PHOTOS~!!
bad face day :(

denise and me

Christabel and me. (after dunno-how-many-shots -.-)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Esther Chia and Esther Chua. hahas. we have the same birthday too~ :)

Cherie and me.

i love sujun's indian costume~~

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Me and Suping.


Me and RuoXuan.


Finally im back in School Uniform.


Moral of the day: Learn to love your uniforms!~



Wednesday, July 19, 2006

i suspect some CrazyCreature has injected CrazybrainCells into my sister..
she thought that running around the dining table for 50 times would make her thinner.
she's running like mad now.

eh, im gonna try it too if it works =X

yesterday was horibble and terrible. and vegetable.
i had to swallow up 3 panadols,
which means that i consumed a total of:
1500mg Paracetamol, and
90mg Pseudoephedrine HCL

strange drugs. strange names.
i even have trouble typing them out correctly.
nothing's happening.
something's wrong.

something's happening.
everything's going wrong.

im not joking.

Monday, July 17, 2006

i woke up today differently.
usually, i would wake up from the deepest corner of my dreams with the usual loud familiar 'wake-up liao!' by mummy.

instead of that, i woke up this morning to a soft pat on my shoulder and a
'hey, wake up already. it's 6.30am..'
obviously, this isnt my mum.
oh. it's my dad.

hahas. so here's the thing.
my normal waking-up time is 5.45am.
my sis heard the 'it's 6.30am' and immediately jumped out of bed and rushed to the toilet.
(she's afraid of being late -.- )

and i?
i was thinking : ''daddy sure is bluff der la....''
....... until i turned around and saw the clock.
6:32 am.

i jumped out of bed.
the reason i was woken up late??
she must have been playing the com till late lastnight -.-

i bathed slowly,
i tied my hair slowly,
i did everything slowly in the hope that daddy would realise that i will be late for school,
and thus give me the taxi fare.

he didnt give me the taxi fare. x(
cos it turned out that i was just in time for the last bus that reaches my school just before the gate slams at the nose of latecomers.


Sunday, July 16, 2006

you know what?
i feel like crying.
i want to cry out loud for as long as i can.
i've been hiding too much inside.
i dont know.

dont ask. dont say anything.
just make me laugh, will you?

i hope someone gives me $79.
i hope someone treats me to a cheesecake.
i hope someone tickles me so that i can tickle back.
i hope someone offers to do my homework for me.
i hope someone kisses my blog. =X
i hope someone tell me that im tall~
i hope someone invents a webcam that grows candyfloss.
i hope someone kicks the door and injure himself.

i hope something happens
so that i have something to rant/cheer/laugh about.

i hate everyone who have something to blog.
i wonder if anyone in this world would invent a
(*only if got sunlight then can switch on der torchlight)

stupid inventor.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

(* i spent afew hours uploading all the pictures to blogger. appreciate them hor!! hahas. )

yesterday was INCREDIBLE.
love it.

i couldnt decide what to wear at first.
or this? ( my arms are usually flabby)
hmms. i decided on a blue-striped top.
and a black mini. hahas.
went out with Alex and Lynard in the afternoon. i love going out with handsome hunks.
Alex is one.
but they asked me for $5.20 to buy ciggarettes.
forget it. i dont like guys who take money from girls.
especially when it's to buy something affordable like ciggarettes.

met up with fiona and bel at mrt station,
and i was like
'OMG.. two babes walking towards me. '..
im still short beside them although i wore highheels.

the bus queue was super long.
but we managed to get up the first bus that came along.
bel was hyper.
fiona and i exchanged wierd looks.
i was tormented by bel for ages before we finally reach Simei Ite.

wow~ looks more like a hotel than a ITE.
well, met up ben, guohao and bel's friend Jac there.
ben and guohao left after afew minutes sitting in the auditorium though.
wasted the ticket.

anyway, the show was so boring that we went to camwhore in the toilet.

it's a goodthing we didnt left, because the drama show was damn nice!!
love it loads.

bel went crazy over the drama show.
after the drama show we went camwhoring again and fiona videoed bel jumping around, laughing, and being crazy in the toilet. i hope we can upload it into YouTube.

anyways, after the show ended, everyone crowded at level one and took photos again.
there are loads and loads of babes and hunks around.
plain girls in school become pretty babes,
and guys become hunks.

wow. dressing up and make-up sure does wonders.
fiona and i didnt want to leave immediately after the show though.
we wanted to go home as late as possible.

we spotted a kitten, SO SMALL near the drain area and it keeps following us.
cute!! but im afraid of it when it comes towards me.
we played for it awhile before putting it back.
we couldnt bring it back with us.
it's too small~

anyways, me and fio had a Macdonalds Supper at whitesands
:) yum yum yummy yummy yum!~

i reached home around midnight.
Daddy was my Hero!!
he went downstairs to bring me up cause he knows that im afraid of the dark.

mummy bought supper for me cause she knew i had dinner early.
a NICE welcome home.

hahas. was tired so slept early before the double-supper even digested half.

so now im back to SquareOne.
without makeup, small baggy-eyes, and flawful skin.

i want to dress up again!!~