Saturday, July 15, 2006

(* i spent afew hours uploading all the pictures to blogger. appreciate them hor!! hahas. )

yesterday was INCREDIBLE.
love it.

i couldnt decide what to wear at first.
or this? ( my arms are usually flabby)
hmms. i decided on a blue-striped top.
and a black mini. hahas.
went out with Alex and Lynard in the afternoon. i love going out with handsome hunks.
Alex is one.
but they asked me for $5.20 to buy ciggarettes.
forget it. i dont like guys who take money from girls.
especially when it's to buy something affordable like ciggarettes.

met up with fiona and bel at mrt station,
and i was like
'OMG.. two babes walking towards me. '..
im still short beside them although i wore highheels.

the bus queue was super long.
but we managed to get up the first bus that came along.
bel was hyper.
fiona and i exchanged wierd looks.
i was tormented by bel for ages before we finally reach Simei Ite.

wow~ looks more like a hotel than a ITE.
well, met up ben, guohao and bel's friend Jac there.
ben and guohao left after afew minutes sitting in the auditorium though.
wasted the ticket.

anyway, the show was so boring that we went to camwhore in the toilet.

it's a goodthing we didnt left, because the drama show was damn nice!!
love it loads.

bel went crazy over the drama show.
after the drama show we went camwhoring again and fiona videoed bel jumping around, laughing, and being crazy in the toilet. i hope we can upload it into YouTube.

anyways, after the show ended, everyone crowded at level one and took photos again.
there are loads and loads of babes and hunks around.
plain girls in school become pretty babes,
and guys become hunks.

wow. dressing up and make-up sure does wonders.
fiona and i didnt want to leave immediately after the show though.
we wanted to go home as late as possible.

we spotted a kitten, SO SMALL near the drain area and it keeps following us.
cute!! but im afraid of it when it comes towards me.
we played for it awhile before putting it back.
we couldnt bring it back with us.
it's too small~

anyways, me and fio had a Macdonalds Supper at whitesands
:) yum yum yummy yummy yum!~

i reached home around midnight.
Daddy was my Hero!!
he went downstairs to bring me up cause he knows that im afraid of the dark.

mummy bought supper for me cause she knew i had dinner early.
a NICE welcome home.

hahas. was tired so slept early before the double-supper even digested half.

so now im back to SquareOne.
without makeup, small baggy-eyes, and flawful skin.

i want to dress up again!!~

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