Tuesday, July 11, 2006

i am teacher.
im going to teach you something today..

How to know if your Fortune Teller

1. he can only predict yesterday's 4D numbers.
2. before he reads your palm, he asks whether your palm is in english or chinese.
3. his set of tarot cards has an 'old maid' card.
(*old maid is a cardgame)
4. he can only read your mind if it's in braille
( i dont know what is 'braille' either =X )
5. when he makes a prediction, his parrot keeps rolling his eyes and making 'tsk' noises.
6. he could not predict that you have no money to pay him.
7. his crystal ball has 3 finger holes.
(*bowling ball. get it? )

hahas. extracted from an old issue of 8 days.
lame hor?

** im pissed when people SECRETLY take my treasured-things and use them without my permission. ESPECIALLY when she knows that the gift is from one of my ex.

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