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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Hungry Ghost Festival.
i guess all of you might have already noticed the smoke gathering at our playgrounds downstairs.

I think the firemen would be really busy for this whole month running from one end of singapore to the other end because of fake smoke alarms.
it's a rare chance for those firemen to slim down.

anyway, here are
Rules You Should Not Break During
the Hungry Ghost Festival:

(1) Never step on incense ashes, red candles and joss-sticks.
(2) Never get irritated by the mess of incense burnings.
(3) Switch on all the lights in your home if you dont want to risk bumping into 'them'.
(4) Never be so kiasu to sit in the front seats when watching the GeTai. - front seats are reserved for 'them'.
(5) Never pick up oranges from the street and eat them thinking that they fell from a tree.
(6) Dont pick up calls after 12 midnight.
(7) dont cry in the night- you will scare the neighbours -.-
(9) Sleep before 9pm. i shall push you to bed if i see you at msn tonight.
(10) Follow these rules.

and you know what...?
i broke Rule Number One today.
im gonna avoid walking near drains and grasses for the whole month.

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