Friday, July 7, 2006

over packets of chicken rice,
joanne and me had this conversation:

~it was something like this. actual words forgotten.
joanne: jason will become a snail
in his next life.

esther: why? *munch munch*
joanne: because he picked up an innocent snail and threw it out of the school fence.
esther: hahas. Karma.
esther: maybe the snail had wanted to get out of the school for a hundred years liao leh? then jason is counted as saving the snail leh. according to karma, he will get saved by the snail in his next life.

joanne: =.=

so nextime we if rob a man,
we should not feel guilty about it.
because maybe the man had too much money, then want to spend all the money but cannot spent finish..
So, when we rob him,
he would feel very reliefed.

it means that WE HELPED HIM delete away his worries!
hahas. then in my nextlife he would repay me with a billion dollars for my kind deed..
then i would buy a big bungalow with a big swimming pool and a big bed and a pretty car and .......~

tata ~
im looking forward to my next life liaos.. hohos.

joanne: *knocks my head* wake up la !!~

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