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Saturday, July 1, 2006

err.. definitely never again ~!!

UNEDITED photos of me sleeping with wet hair -.-
oh. so the wet hair was the thing that made me look hideous in these photos??
awwww :(

i was debating to myself whether to post this photo up because the 'pose' was WIERD !! i have never seen anyone sleeping like this -.-now you know how much eyebags i really had.. *crys*
Now i finally know how funny i look like when i sleep..
i will never sleep infront of cute hunks anymore.

fiona had suggested for me to put up unedited pictures of me doing funny things, but i realised that my funnyfaces are 10 times even uglier than
my already-cannot-make-it sleeping faces.

aiya.. i think this post has chased away most all of my suitors already leh..

you are a nice girl/boy if you didnt exit my blog upon seeing those faces..
HUGS you !!~
:) hahas..
all shall be rewarded with one bag of golden coins~
(*when i become king one day...)

im still thinking whether i want to publish this post..
alright.. *finally clicks PUBLISH POST*

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