Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Daz Simpson- Teenage life
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lyrics: (extracted only some)

What did you learn at school today?
That's what the teachers used to say
But they don't know
Don't understand, do they?
Why do they always give advice
Saying "Just be nice, always think twice"
When it's been a
long time since they had a teenage life
Hoping that those days would go on and on forever
Every day something new
Just friends running together
But suddenly school ends
Your teenage life gone
All your mates are growing up now
They're moving on
And now I'm looking back
I'll tell you what I know
Do you listen to your teacher?
No I don't think so


i dont feel like growing up already :(
im gonna miss my teenage life when i turn 21..
which is 5 years later..
5 years very fast one leh.. :(
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