Monday, July 3, 2006

that day someone was asking me how old my mum is.
i forgot who asked.
i just remembered someone did ask.

after some calculations,
i came out with this theory that if i get married at the age of 20,
my mother would become a grandmother even before she turns 45.
(awww. i've never heard of a grandmother who is 45 years old)

and then, if my children gives birth at the age of 20 too,
mum would become great-grandmother before she turns 65.

and if my grandchildren also gave birth at the age of 20,
mum would become great-great-grandmother before she turns 85.

Mum would feel old leh.
hmms. i better be a fillial daughter.
and then, she will only become grandmother when she gets 58.
yoohoo ~

what a great excuse to marry late.
:) i have many more years to choose a groom.

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