Friday, July 21, 2006


me> daddy, today is racial harmony day leh.
daddy> that's why we all today shouldnt quarrel la.
me> but we all not difference race marhs. *grins* that's why we can quarrel. hehes.

daddy> -.- eat your dinner la.

this morning was a disaster.
a black cat followed me this morning.
i dodged it 3 times, and 3 times it caught up with me and blocked my way.
i managed to escape from it's claws.

well, back to RacialHarmonyDay.
i wore a Malay Costume,
and i seriously dont know how malay women survived in traditional clothes during the olden days.
a five minute walk ended me sweating like a wet cloud already.

i finally appreciate school uniforms.
now i know how cooling school uniforms are~

anyways, PHOTOS~!!
bad face day :(

denise and me

Christabel and me. (after dunno-how-many-shots -.-)

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Esther Chia and Esther Chua. hahas. we have the same birthday too~ :)

Cherie and me.

i love sujun's indian costume~~

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Me and Suping.


Me and RuoXuan.


Finally im back in School Uniform.


Moral of the day: Learn to love your uniforms!~



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