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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

despite being super-sleepy yesterday,
i went to visit Janny and ZhiHao, who were situated almost at the other end of singapore.
Zero hunks spotted on the mrt though.

anyway, Janny and ZhiHao.
well, im bias.
guess which one i like more~? hehes.

i like zhihao more.
Janny is too cunning liao.
Zhihao more innocent.
anyway, 2 things happened yesterday which made me like ZhiHao even more..

Firstly, his mother bought
for us!!!!!~

Copy 1 of Picture0025

yums!! i love chocolates. especially expensive types =D

Secondly, while we were in the lift,
his mum decided to tease him.
she placed her hand near the lift-door, and
Zhihao immediately ran towards her,
took of her hands and said:
''Cannot Mummy, Cannot Mummy."
he was trying to protect his mum!!~
so sweet~~
after that, he held his mother's hand all the way till we reached our storey.
i love this kind of kids.

if i had a child like this, i would pamper him to bits.

anyways, these photos below are for all the people who hated seeing my face~
yoohoo =D

Copy 1 of Picture0015


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