Monday, July 17, 2006

i woke up today differently.
usually, i would wake up from the deepest corner of my dreams with the usual loud familiar 'wake-up liao!' by mummy.

instead of that, i woke up this morning to a soft pat on my shoulder and a
'hey, wake up already. it's 6.30am..'
obviously, this isnt my mum.
oh. it's my dad.

hahas. so here's the thing.
my normal waking-up time is 5.45am.
my sis heard the 'it's 6.30am' and immediately jumped out of bed and rushed to the toilet.
(she's afraid of being late -.- )

and i?
i was thinking : ''daddy sure is bluff der la....''
....... until i turned around and saw the clock.
6:32 am.

i jumped out of bed.
the reason i was woken up late??
she must have been playing the com till late lastnight -.-

i bathed slowly,
i tied my hair slowly,
i did everything slowly in the hope that daddy would realise that i will be late for school,
and thus give me the taxi fare.

he didnt give me the taxi fare. x(
cos it turned out that i was just in time for the last bus that reaches my school just before the gate slams at the nose of latecomers.


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