Friday, July 28, 2006


oh yes.
it's Suku's birthday today.

... and we went to SAKAE SUSHI!!~
yea. that greenish sushi place.
( is it always greenish? or is it only greenish in tampines?? O.o )

well, im not uploading the photos today,
cos my transfer port seems to be a little sick.
it keeps rejecting the photos i feed.
alright.. maybe tomorrow.

anyway, bel gave suku this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle of the
Disney Fairytale Princesses.

(1) lucky CINDERELLA
(2) the ever so famous SNOW WHITE
(3) little mermaid ARIEL
(4) beauty&thebeast BELLE
(5) aladdin's JASMINE

we were talking about who's the prettier among these fairytale princesses.
i remember when i was young, i used to think sleeping beauty is the prettiest.
know why?
because in all the storybooks i have,
the cartoon drawings of Sleeping Beauty is prettier than the others.
as i grow up, then i realised that different storybooks have different pictures..

well, i still think being Sleeping Beauty is the best.
all she has to do is get borned into this world as a Princess, live till the age of 16, prick her fingers, sleep for 100 years, and
a prince kisses her.
she doesnt even have to do anything.

not fair.
why snowhite have to die first before meeting her prince?
why cinderella must do housework before dancing with the prince?
why mermaid must become mute then can be with the guy?
why jasmine must go through so much just to marry a poor guy aladdin?
why beauty must spent time with beast then the beast can become handsome??

No wonder people say life is unfair.
even fairytales portray that.

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