Sunday, July 9, 2006

my computer is bad today.
after half an hour, i still could not convince it to connect to the internet.
so now, here i am,
using daddy's computer together with his hard-to-control mouse and wierd keyboard.
i just found one new button on daddy's mouse and it can work wonders that my mouse cant..
hohos. great discovery.
Bet even my daddy doesnt know anything about this button.

alright. that's not the main point of this entry..
i wonder if the Shoes Town are targeting at me this week.
in just one week, i've broken THREE of my shoes.

1. monday- i broke my favourite white highheels strap.
2. tuesday- i broke my another pair of white highheels.
3. today!!! - i broke the strap of my slippers.

awww~ the dustbin earned 3 of my shoes- free.

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