Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Denise, Fiona and ME found another talent hidden inside us.
Captured with afew other girls at the corner of our school staircase for an hour plus,
We composed this amazing poem.

The sun shining high at us
And here comes the magic school bus.
The floor is full of dust,
and the ground is green with grass.
We only have our handphones with us,
and a chair covered in rust.
Saw a cat looking up at us,
someone's showing sympathy at last.
We have not finished our main task,
the teacher looks like she's going to fuss.
The time's passing, not very fast;
we noticed each other's little scars.
Someone drew a yellow star
we wish we can go up to Mars.
Entering the school gate is a giant car
Please come save us with chocolate bars.

great isn't it??
hahas. Sounds like a tonguetwister when i read it aloud.

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