Thursday, July 13, 2006

i cannot believe that i did something so stupid.

i itchy-hand,
anyhow click,
then deleted all my tagboard's messages except for the newest 100.

its all the Lizard's fault.
it has been harassing me since afew days ago.

Day one: it first appeared at the wall beside my bed. of course i dare not sleep cos the lizard might tickle me while im having sweetdreams. i banged on the toilet door and asked daddy to capture it.. well, i guess it's a clever lizard, ... because it disappeared.

Day two: it appeared at the wall next to my study table. i was busy so i ignored it. the lizard felt bored and decided to leave.

Day three part one: it appeared at the corner of the toilet, and then vanished. i realise that it loves playing hide-and-seek.

Day three part two: a baby lizard spotted on the floor right in front of the toilet door.
Freaked me out cos it looked injured. i swear i wasnt the one who stepped on that lizard. i asked daddy to take it away while i ran to hide in my room. i cant stand the horrifying sight.

Day four: i thought it was gone. today, it appeared again. daddy's not around. HELP!!!~

im going to sue the lizard for non-stop harrassment.
im gonna add 'lizards' into my long list of phobias.
i will.

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