Saturday, September 30, 2006

introducing..... DOLLYN~!

two days ago, i was chatting with denver on msn, and he showed me his msn cartoon display pic which could make all sorts of emotions. after playing a game with him, and me WINNING, he finally told me the website to custom-make this kind of msn display pics. hahas. i think there's alot of people out there who already discovered this cartoon-thingy long time ago, but well, im just ABIT slow la. hahas. after spending quite a long time deciding her eye colour, hair colour, skin colour, clothes, background, blahblahblah, DOLLYN was finally borned! hahas. Denver exclaimed that she was cute the minute she appeared on my msn display pic.
=) yay.
Dollyn blushed when denver said she's cute:like we girls, she also has frequent moodswings. hahas. Suddenly she's angry.
dollyn and her confused/scared look.
she's tired making all those faces.YAWNING!! ..... or singing in a choir?? hahas.
my Dollyn uses Colgate Total White, that's why her teeth is shiny and white!

she's sick. she's vomiting. =(
she's winking! =D
hahas. i think she's trying to flirt with Denver's PurpleHead~
(* purplehead is denver's msn cartoon)

Sad and Crying~!

i was actually feeling quite down that day, and this little DOLLYN cheered me up with her funny emotions. it's quite surprising how such a simple thing could liften my dumb mood.

ANYWAY, here's the big announcement:

6 October


i just realised the MidAutumnFestival falls on the same day as my birthday this year
-.- i hope i dont get a Mooncake as birthday cake... hahas.

Friday, September 29, 2006

That's when i love you- by Aslyn

found that song, and i love it.
Love is a Beautiful thing. =D


Thursday, September 28, 2006

i wouldn't waste my wish on this....

hahas. actually sometimes i wish i could be a male instead of female. it seems much more fun and easier. i would be a casonova, and woo every pretty girl out there. hahaha. of course i'll have to be a rich, handsome and clever man la... and, i would definitely choose to be born in another country than Singapore, so that i dont have to go for NationalService. hees. i used to feel lucky that im a female because i dont have to go for NationalService. Now that im grown up, i realised that females suffer much more than just national services. Other than the monthly "blood donation", the worst about being a female is having to get pregnant. everytime i get unbearable stomachaches, i would decide that i dont want to get pregnant. when i was a child, i even swore that im not going to get married, because i dont want to be pregnant. hahas. of course that's not the case now. i'd rather get married than be left on the shelf accompanying those boring dusts.

i've a heard of some men who love their wives so much, that when they see their wives suffer so much pain during pregnancy, they even wished that they were the one who are pregnant instead. i think these kind of men are the best kind of men to marry to.

i heard this story afew years ago:
A hospital had just invented a new kind of machine, that when a pregnant women is giving birth, the pain would be transfered to the husband so that the male is bearing the pain while the woman can give birth painlesssly. One husband loved his wife so much, that he was willing to try the new machine, despite the risk. in the end, while the wife gave birth painlessly, the man did not feel any pain at all too. he thought it was the machine's problem, but the doctor told him that it was Love which made him feel painless.

alright. this story has no climax and no ending, because i forgot what the story was exactly. this was just roughly from memory. hahas. no point right? grahs. nevermind -.-

anyways, since im already a born a female, i guess i have to appreciate the piorities that ladies have over men.
We can wear high-heels, they cant.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

alright. something to brighten everyone's day:

i feel so super.
didnt went online yesterday, cos i spent the whole day just to complete prelim's art project. it was supposed to be handed up this morning, but i had not even started on at least one page! gahs~ i hate that "aiya-last-minute-then-do-lor" attitude in me. i keep having to burn midnight oil because of it~ hahas. at least i've completed it now =)

my topic was footwear and here are some of the scraps that i drew:

this is abstract high-heels. hahas. sometimes high-heels makes our feet really painful when we walk on it for alot of hours. it looks like a fierce fish, but it's actually a reptile/dragon:

the base is a little crooked =X
speaking of shoes and models, that day while me and shunlai were walking past tampines interchange, two guys came up to us. it turned out that they are from a modelling agency, poaching for new faces. hahas. however, shunlai said that in this agency, we must pay $200+ for the portfolio first before we would get any modelling projects, so in the end we said we dont want, and walked away.

oh well, we went to Toy'R'us. have nothing to do then videoed this;

it's so cute~!! well, it looks better in real life. my sister went crazy over it after seeing the video. hahas.

.... and here's my FIRST photo i took with my new spects.
i think i look wierd =(

Copy 1 of Picture0060


Monday, September 25, 2006

- JayChou's QianLiZhiWai.

the song is nice, but FeiYuChing's voice spoiled it all.

morning? terrible.
firstly, bad hair day.
after retying my hair for about 4 times, i still look wierd.
grrrr. in the end i looked up at the clock and realised that if i do not start getting my butt out of my door soon, i'll be late for school again. hahas. other than macdonalds, it's always my hair that makes me late everytime.
stupid hair. sometimes i wish i could have a personal hairstylist to tie my hair everyday.

anyways, that's not exactly the bad part about this morning.
i waited for the lift. something about the lift pissed me off, but i dont know how to explain it in words, so well, forget it.
i got into the lift finally, and while i was peacefully enjoying the lift ride down, the lift suddenly stopped at the 5th storey. guess what i saw outside the lift??
NO ONE. just a cat sitting there, looking at me. *shudders*
of course i was frightened and immediately pressed [DoorClose] for about a dozen times. gah~ i dunoe what i would do if the cat enters the lift. *phew*
fiona said: "CATS CAN PRESS LIFT??" when i told her about it. hahas.

well, when the lift stopped at the ground floor, the lift opened for about 15 centimetres, and then suddenly slammed shut, following with a wierd sound.
shit. i was super terrified by it, that i rushed out of the lift immediately when the lift opened again.
i almost missed my school's bus-stop cos i was busy sleeping away.
then, i was also almost knocked down by a car while crossing the road to school.

-.- wow.
lucky that was the end.

the rest of the day was quite okay.
the best part is EATING~! hahas.

as you guys know, i totally love chicken. so guess what i ate for lunch?

Teriyaki CHICKEN hotplate~~ walalalala. =D
shunlai ate blackpepper chicken. hahas. actually both of our chicken look the same.

After that we met up with his friend, kai. we watched him eat at LongJohnsSilver. he ate CHICKEN. -.- hahas.

it's a happy CHICKEN day.


and yea, look what i found at a giftshop:

take note of the first two words =)
hahas. actually, i dun think it's very accurate la.


Sunday, September 24, 2006

im getting irritated by people who have no manners.
they add me in msn, and asked me to do everything for them like im a MAID.

this is one example [exact words] :

her: u listen to chinese songs?
me: yea
her: u noe 'jing tian ni yao jiagei wo'?
me: ya, hahas.
her: can send me
her: u there

me: u dyb gave (typo error)
me: dun have*
her: huh?

her: wad gave?
her: send me leh i need it urgently
me: i mean i dun have the song, i listen to it online.
her: ...
her: ok
her: i give u the site u dl then send me can? coz i deleted sound programme
her: can?
me: my com canot dl songs.
me: i dun noe why lei. lastime i help friend oso cant

her: tt no need dl der
her: just go the sitee automatic it will play on ur com then u save media then send em
her: [the url] this site
me: ok

[after being ordered around like a maid about downloading the song]
her: clear?
me: yea.
her: ok
her: juz send me
her: ty
[after sending.......]
her: transfer so fast
her: yay!!
her: 2 more hrs i will have my soudn programme bk
her: i told my mom to take the cd lerr
her: =) the song very sweet
her: i really like
me: hahas. hai hao la
her: very sweet
her: like make me wanna married my dear
me: hahas
her: tag my blog?
her: help me listen got song anot
me: no
her: whyy?
me: dunoe
me: code bahs?

her: wad no
me: no song
her: u wait a wile
her: u refresh see got anot
her: got ma?
her: issit the 'jing tian ni yao jia gei wo'?
her: clear anot?
me: dun have song.
her: refresh again see
me: got liao
her: clear?
me: yea
her: is the song i ask u dl?
me: yea
her: yay!!
her: i love this song!!
me: =D (fake smile.)
her: tagg
me: tag ler
her: =)
her: link?

hah. i didnt reply her.
download song? fine. it lags my computer, nevermind.
fussing over the song? fine. nevermind.
refresh her blog? fine, although i already refreshed it for 4 times.
tag? fine, just some words.
link her in my blog?? shit. this is the limit. i dun even know her well, she didnt even link me, and in our whole conversation, i was being ordered around by her.

im NOT going to entertain rude little girls.

i have no idea whether she reads my blog or not, but i dont care if she reads this.
actually im willing to help her if i was free; but i dont like her tone, as if i HAVE TO do it for her. please, im not your maid.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

i feel sleepy and mindblocked today.
i dont have anything to blog, so i shall entertain you guys with this old picture taken at the beginning of this year.

Circle the difference between me and her if you are VERY bored :

Friday, September 22, 2006

it seems that i could not resist Chickens this few days.

yesterday's lunch, KFC: kentucky fried chicken.

yesterday's dinner, chicken rice.

today's lunch, chicken chop.
-.- hahas. it was the first time i ate this chicken chop from this stall. i was so paisei at the BIG plate la. hahas. because it was foodcourt, the table was kinda small, and Shunlai's pig-organ soup was 4 times smaller than my plate. hahas. however, the chicken chop was great~! ..... i always thought that the chicken chop stall near my house was the greatest in the world, but i realised today that this foodcourt chickenchop is way better. wakaka.

it's actually good to eat chickens~ i've once saw this science report on internet, that says that eating chicken would make you feel happy. it has something to do with our hormones. hahas. and yea, my favourite meat is chicken!~

alright. here are some random things.

drawn and photoshopped;
this photo was taken before i changed spectacles.
........... my last photo with that spectacle and it looked so retarded.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

ate KFC today.
got disgusted by the amount of OIL and FATS there, and decided to forgo the chicken skin.
-.- hahas.

oh well, i remember reading up physics notes lastnight, and realised that if we stand on the moon, our weight there would be 1/6 of our weight on Earth. i want to live there. if i live there, i can proudly tell people that my weight is a single-digit number, and no one will call me fat. =D
eh.. No. single-digit weight sounds wierd.
gahs~ nevermind.. i shall stick to my current weight. actually i dont mind the weight. i mind the fats la~!! hahas. i would rather weigh 100kg and have a slim and gorgeous figure than weigh 35kg and look like a big pumpkin. hohos.

speaking of fat, look at this.

it's supposed to be Jennifer Lopez Before and After giving birth.

i was surfing yahoo when i found that. it's a wonder how they could photoshop it till it looks so real huh? i want someone to 'photoshop' me in real life to become slimmer~~ hahas.

well, anyway, i wont look good when im slim anyway, because.........................
i've just changed my spectacles. (my old spectacle broke =X )
it's still frameless, except that the colour and shape is different..
i think i look wierd now =(
aaahhhs~~!! turn back the time and let me choose a different spectacle again!

hmmms. goodnews is that my short-sightness degree decreased :)
......but my 'shan guang' increased.
chey. give away one badthing liao den another badthing come.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

my wireless connection is being quite rebellious today, so i guess i better quickly blog before my internet connection vanish again. hahas.

i went to Caiwei's blog and found something unbelievable.
remember [wo jiao jin shan shun] that korean drama?
remember the leading actress who was quite fat?

mum had told me before that she is actually very pretty and slim but she put on weight for this drama series. however, i've never expected her to look this pretty when she's slim:
my first reaction was:
"HUH?? that's her?? what a big difference~! "

hahas. this shows that body figure really does matter.
Even fat people can become a hunk or a babe after they slim down;
.... and babes/hunks can become unattractive after they eat too much KFC.

oh gosh. she's so pretty~!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Since i have not been posting "two posts in one day" for a longggg time,
i decided to do that today. hahas.

Ernest Is a Nice Guy,
cos he calls me a Nice Girl.

hees. im just bootlicking him; he's actually BAD.

here's some photos updating:

the photos this time arent nice though =\

yay~ i finally found the correct shade of pink and blue nailpolish i wanted. the colour isnt exactly correct in this photo though =(

me and Shunlai. i always look wierd when i take photos with guys. grrrrrrr.
i'll blame it on the lights.

sobs. i want to look like Ayumi Hamasaki:
(her features are so Perfect~~)

omg. this post is SO random. hahas.
i finally realised how much my handphone meant to me.

hahas. let me explain why.
we had our science-practical exams today;
....and in case you are a primary school student, science-practical means science-experiments. hees. anyways, my school is a small school without enough science-labs to carry the exams for every single student -.- so yea, we had shifts. alright, this paragraph is nonsense anyway. move on to the next :)

and, we had to surrender our handphones to the teachers from 9am to 2pm. that's actually longgggggg. after counting using fingers, i realised that i was cruelly separated from my handphone for 5 hours~! the worst thing is, the experiments took only 1hour and 30minutes, which meant i was left 3hours 30 minutes missing my handphone. the 3hours and 30 minutes, we were locked up in a big music room with another class, doing nothing. i sat there missing my handphone sadly. hahas. there was absolutely nothing to do when i dont have my handphone with me~ i thought of lookng at my photos, then realised that all my photos are in my hp. then, i thought of smsing. den i realised that i need the handphone for that too~
i wonder why i did not have anything to do with my handphone when i have it on my hands lastime...

well, in the end when i got back my handphone, i was so freakingly happy.
yay. i love my handphone.

Monday, September 18, 2006

i was wondering why i felt so cold, and then i realised that the stupid fan was blowing directly at my legs. grrrrr. im feeling rather coldish this few days... and everytime, everywhere i go, the fan would directly point at me and stay there.
that was the reason why i could not concentrate on my chinese prelim paper today~ because the fan was distracting me. it's true, i swear.
(maybe another reason was because i felt sleepy =X ) hahas.

oh well, i almost killed 2 person just now.
i was helping mum to hang the clothes, and in the midst of taking down a bamboo stick from the ceiling, i lost control and the bamboo came crashing down to the floor. one end of it almost hitted my eye, the other end almost hitted my mother who was just about to enter the kitchen. my sister, was just afew inches away from the bamboo stick. luckily, the bamboo stick did not land on any of us. hahas. the three of us freezed there for about a minute, swallowing the shock. hahas. imagine if the bamboo had really landed on one of us, or worst, 3 of us. gosh. i'll be hospitalised with one broken eye. not only that, i'll be in jail for 2 life sentences.
gah~!! there's no internet connection in the jail~! =(

oh ya. and imagine my poor dad who is going to be so lonely without the most important 3 women in his life. hahas.

i feel like eating some hot buns now.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

im EVIL~!
im going to hunger you guys with photos of FOOD.


hahas. this was my dinner yesterday.
i totally LOVE CHICKEN CHOPS- without beans.

this was my lunch today. since i ate such a heavy dinner yesterday, i guessed that i have to eat something light to cover up yesterday's intake of fats. hahas. however, it seems that the auntie loved me too much and gave me SO MUCH beehoon that it's almost equilvalant to eating Meat!



heh heh. i ate it up immediately when it was served. too irresistable =X

this post is lame.
are you drooling already?? hahas.

alright, i guess only the first photo looked tempting.

( note: i did NOT ate all that food in one day la. hahas. )

Saturday, September 16, 2006

one day, all those feelings will fade away,
and there'll be more coming for me to embrace.

i can be happy if i want to;
.... i know i can.

help me forget that i was the one who ended it.

Friday, September 15, 2006

it's a cold day.
yes it is.

hahas. After spending the whole morning in the school hall doing prelims with the wicked fan blowing directly at me continuously, being drenched in the rain and sitting in a air-conditioned bus, im officially frozen now.
someone melt me please?

i hate coldness because it makes my day freezy. i hate heat because it makes me sweat and humid. whoosh. i love those clear weather where there's no heat, no humidness and no coldness. is there a place in the world with this kind of weather 365 days a year?? i'll go live there. =D
i'll maybe try and influence some handsome hunks to accompany me over there too.

hahas. speaking of Hunks, im currently terribly infatuated in this Korean guy who acts in that Korean Drama -
[Wo Jiao Jin San Shun.]

isn't he so damn cute?!!
hahas. he's even cuter in the drama series. i admit the reason why i watch '[Wo Jiao Jin San Shun]' everyday is because of his cute dimple. he's so sweet in the show that i kept saying
"i like him, i like him"
whenever he appears on the screen. hahas. mum is too busy playing maple to bother about me.
im jealous of JinSanShun. she's fat yet she gets such a cute hunk. NOT FAIR~!!

oh well. when the drama series end, i guess i'll not even remember this Korean Hunk anymore. hohos. i dont even know his name =.=

alright. enough about hunks. im beginning to feel like some childish kid drooling over MrHandsome.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

here's one random update. i have absolutely no idea what im gonna blog about, because there seems to be no interesting things happening recently.

first of all, to freshen you guys up, here's something beautiful:

hahas. i've just changed my black boring desktop background to this picture. that means that everytime i log in, i would see a beauty appear in front of me. after which i would look into the mirror and cry at the big difference between us. lol. after wasting 1001 tears, i'll look back into the computer screen and carry on with life.

went out with 'Tree" today. he wanted to buy a gift for someone he's chasing, but he doesnt want to buy jeweleries because he thinks it's too common. i suggested flowers, because personally i love receiving flowers from guys.
but, he said flowers are common too -.- he said that every guy give flowers, so it's not special. furthermore, he explained that real flowers die in afew days and fake flowers represent fake love.
i think his opinion represents half the male population out there. hmms. sometimes guys are so realistic -.- girls just love that particular moment when they receive the flowers. it doesnt matter how long those flowers last....right? hahas.

anyway, that day my whole house blacked out, and i had to play the hero and switch the main switch back. the main switch is at the top hidden corner of my storeroom... and my storeroom is those kind of storerooms that is so filled up with 'things', that you cannot even step even one feet into it. i figure out how to climb up to the top, by first stepping on the vacumn cleaner (which luckily didnt break), stepping on a unstable ladder, a stack of pails, some unknown packages, and some bags of something. i reached the top, and switched the main switch back. Feeling rather adventurous, i started climbing my way down. alright, i slipped and injured my feet.

nevermind, that's call
i saved a whole tank of fishes from dying due to the lack of oxygen hor~!
if i hadnt sacrificed injuring my feet to switch the main power, their oxygen tank would not even start, and they would not even survive till now to welcome me home everyday.

i did a good deed~!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

how i wish i have some magic power that can help me
"fen shen shu".
that means, being able to be at two places at one time, doing different things.
that would save so much time and energy.
one of my body would stay at home and study for o'levels, since it's necessary.
another one of my body would be out having fun, eating and shopping.
wahs~~ then i can enjoy life 24 hours a day, everyday.

also, the body that is used for staying at home studying, will have to exercise 3 hours a day. in that way, i would have a better and slimmer figure.
how perfect life would be then, i would be clever, healthy, and HAPPY~!

hohos. oh ya, if possible, separate into 3 bodies would be better. the extra one more would go out to work, so that i can have more money~~

oh well. all this wont come true.
no use being happy about it at all -.-

i hope technology gets better next year, and scientists grow more imaginative and clever.
and then .....this dream would come true.
im waiting :)

Monday, September 11, 2006

it felt totally impossible to get out of bed at 545am this morning. well, in the end i did.
wow. i have not woken up this early for almost a week already.

however, i was still late for school, AGAIN.
i wore my shoes in the lift, but still, late.

We had our English and Chinese Paper One Prelims.

it did not feel like Prelims, because i was feeling rather lazy during the Chinese Paper. i finished Section A, daydreamed for around 45 minutes, afterwhich i reluctantly did Section B. i think the composition i wrote was of PrimarySchool standard. hahas. i just didnt have the energy to think about Chim and Creative writing~

The wierd thing about the Chinese Paper was that my things kept dropping during the 2 hours~ first the pen, then the paper (twice), then the pencil, the ruler, and finally the eraser. i cant find my eraser in the end; it must have rolled to the other end of the hall.
*crys* it doesnt want me anymore~~ =(

The rest of the day did not go on very well for me. i hope i survive tonight =/

Sunday, September 10, 2006

just another photo-update, AGAIN~!
hahas. nothing interesting.
met ah hao wearing this,

after that, went to Fiona's house. i reached there before 11am, and we ended up leaving the house only at 1230pm. this shows how long fiona takes to get ready. hahas. anyway, i changed into this purple top at her house. alright. it looks black in the photo.. hohos.

Copy 1 of Picture0081

Copy 1 of Picture0068

Copy 1 of Picture0071

when we reached bugis, the only thing i could think of was:
"i want to eat!!! "

Yoshinoya's Teriyaki Chicken is awesome~! i threw away the carrots and broccoli though. i dunlike carrots and broccoli. i think they ought to be for decorations only.

wow. this felt like the best meal i ever had.
we elegantly gobbled it up~!
hahas. Fiona and me took 3 photos altogether. however, i look horrible in one of them and on the second one, my face was cut off. #$%^&*@!!!!

Fiona looked pretty though.
Here's the only 'fine' picture of me and fiona taken that day:

we became bored and went to find dorina, huiting and samantha. we walked around some shops at bugis street, and some students stopped us, requesting to take a photo of us because they were doing a project about Teenage Style. So, the 5 of us had to stand against the wall to take a picture. Fiona, that cunning fellow, sneaked away from the row and went to look at some flowers pretending that she's very interested in them. =.=

samantha and huiting cleverly separated themselves from the row too.
So well, in the end only Dorina and me were taken photo of.

After that, me and fiona left them and went to meet Eric and his friend. hmmms. Eric's ex-girlfriend saw us, and thought that i am Eric's girlfriend. in the end i innocently received a glare from her. hahas. she's quite pretty though. However, she looks like 14 or 15 although she's actually 18. hahas. just like how some people thought im primary 6, just because im shorter than my

after that i went to meet gregory for awhile, den we left bugis. Boring day at first, interesting towards the end. hahas. it's always like that.

this time i didnt really camwhored alot.... or did i? hahas.

Copy 1 of Picture0047

anyway, it's a awesome thing that i could walk around in shoes this high for half-a-day. hahas. that's the super-ability of the females~~ hahas.

another awesome thing is that i spent so little on my happy day out~!

Yoshinoya Meal= $6.30
this pair of earrings= $2 =.=
Total= $8.30

oh wow.
i can beome a Financial Advisor now.