Wednesday, September 20, 2006

my wireless connection is being quite rebellious today, so i guess i better quickly blog before my internet connection vanish again. hahas.

i went to Caiwei's blog and found something unbelievable.
remember [wo jiao jin shan shun] that korean drama?
remember the leading actress who was quite fat?

mum had told me before that she is actually very pretty and slim but she put on weight for this drama series. however, i've never expected her to look this pretty when she's slim:
my first reaction was:
"HUH?? that's her?? what a big difference~! "

hahas. this shows that body figure really does matter.
Even fat people can become a hunk or a babe after they slim down;
.... and babes/hunks can become unattractive after they eat too much KFC.

oh gosh. she's so pretty~!!

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