Monday, September 11, 2006

it felt totally impossible to get out of bed at 545am this morning. well, in the end i did.
wow. i have not woken up this early for almost a week already.

however, i was still late for school, AGAIN.
i wore my shoes in the lift, but still, late.

We had our English and Chinese Paper One Prelims.

it did not feel like Prelims, because i was feeling rather lazy during the Chinese Paper. i finished Section A, daydreamed for around 45 minutes, afterwhich i reluctantly did Section B. i think the composition i wrote was of PrimarySchool standard. hahas. i just didnt have the energy to think about Chim and Creative writing~

The wierd thing about the Chinese Paper was that my things kept dropping during the 2 hours~ first the pen, then the paper (twice), then the pencil, the ruler, and finally the eraser. i cant find my eraser in the end; it must have rolled to the other end of the hall.
*crys* it doesnt want me anymore~~ =(

The rest of the day did not go on very well for me. i hope i survive tonight =/

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