Tuesday, September 12, 2006

how i wish i have some magic power that can help me
"fen shen shu".
that means, being able to be at two places at one time, doing different things.
that would save so much time and energy.
one of my body would stay at home and study for o'levels, since it's necessary.
another one of my body would be out having fun, eating and shopping.
wahs~~ then i can enjoy life 24 hours a day, everyday.

also, the body that is used for staying at home studying, will have to exercise 3 hours a day. in that way, i would have a better and slimmer figure.
how perfect life would be then, i would be clever, healthy, and HAPPY~!

hohos. oh ya, if possible, separate into 3 bodies would be better. the extra one more would go out to work, so that i can have more money~~

oh well. all this wont come true.
no use being happy about it at all -.-

i hope technology gets better next year, and scientists grow more imaginative and clever.
and then .....this dream would come true.
im waiting :)

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