Thursday, September 28, 2006

i wouldn't waste my wish on this....

hahas. actually sometimes i wish i could be a male instead of female. it seems much more fun and easier. i would be a casonova, and woo every pretty girl out there. hahaha. of course i'll have to be a rich, handsome and clever man la... and, i would definitely choose to be born in another country than Singapore, so that i dont have to go for NationalService. hees. i used to feel lucky that im a female because i dont have to go for NationalService. Now that im grown up, i realised that females suffer much more than just national services. Other than the monthly "blood donation", the worst about being a female is having to get pregnant. everytime i get unbearable stomachaches, i would decide that i dont want to get pregnant. when i was a child, i even swore that im not going to get married, because i dont want to be pregnant. hahas. of course that's not the case now. i'd rather get married than be left on the shelf accompanying those boring dusts.

i've a heard of some men who love their wives so much, that when they see their wives suffer so much pain during pregnancy, they even wished that they were the one who are pregnant instead. i think these kind of men are the best kind of men to marry to.

i heard this story afew years ago:
A hospital had just invented a new kind of machine, that when a pregnant women is giving birth, the pain would be transfered to the husband so that the male is bearing the pain while the woman can give birth painlesssly. One husband loved his wife so much, that he was willing to try the new machine, despite the risk. in the end, while the wife gave birth painlessly, the man did not feel any pain at all too. he thought it was the machine's problem, but the doctor told him that it was Love which made him feel painless.

alright. this story has no climax and no ending, because i forgot what the story was exactly. this was just roughly from memory. hahas. no point right? grahs. nevermind -.-

anyways, since im already a born a female, i guess i have to appreciate the piorities that ladies have over men.
We can wear high-heels, they cant.

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