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Sunday, September 24, 2006

im getting irritated by people who have no manners.
they add me in msn, and asked me to do everything for them like im a MAID.

this is one example [exact words] :

her: u listen to chinese songs?
me: yea
her: u noe 'jing tian ni yao jiagei wo'?
me: ya, hahas.
her: can send me
her: u there

me: u dyb gave (typo error)
me: dun have*
her: huh?

her: wad gave?
her: send me leh i need it urgently
me: i mean i dun have the song, i listen to it online.
her: ...
her: ok
her: i give u the site u dl then send me can? coz i deleted sound programme
her: can?
me: my com canot dl songs.
me: i dun noe why lei. lastime i help friend oso cant

her: tt no need dl der
her: just go the sitee automatic it will play on ur com then u save media then send em
her: [the url] this site
me: ok

[after being ordered around like a maid about downloading the song]
her: clear?
me: yea.
her: ok
her: juz send me
her: ty
[after sending.......]
her: transfer so fast
her: yay!!
her: 2 more hrs i will have my soudn programme bk
her: i told my mom to take the cd lerr
her: =) the song very sweet
her: i really like
me: hahas. hai hao la
her: very sweet
her: like make me wanna married my dear
me: hahas
her: tag my blog?
her: help me listen got song anot
me: no
her: whyy?
me: dunoe
me: code bahs?

her: wad no
me: no song
her: u wait a wile
her: u refresh see got anot
her: got ma?
her: issit the 'jing tian ni yao jia gei wo'?
her: clear anot?
me: dun have song.
her: refresh again see
me: got liao
her: clear?
me: yea
her: is the song i ask u dl?
me: yea
her: yay!!
her: i love this song!!
me: =D (fake smile.)
her: tagg
me: tag ler
her: =)
her: link?

hah. i didnt reply her.
download song? fine. it lags my computer, nevermind.
fussing over the song? fine. nevermind.
refresh her blog? fine, although i already refreshed it for 4 times.
tag? fine, just some words.
link her in my blog?? shit. this is the limit. i dun even know her well, she didnt even link me, and in our whole conversation, i was being ordered around by her.

im NOT going to entertain rude little girls.

i have no idea whether she reads my blog or not, but i dont care if she reads this.
actually im willing to help her if i was free; but i dont like her tone, as if i HAVE TO do it for her. please, im not your maid.

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