Friday, September 15, 2006

it's a cold day.
yes it is.

hahas. After spending the whole morning in the school hall doing prelims with the wicked fan blowing directly at me continuously, being drenched in the rain and sitting in a air-conditioned bus, im officially frozen now.
someone melt me please?

i hate coldness because it makes my day freezy. i hate heat because it makes me sweat and humid. whoosh. i love those clear weather where there's no heat, no humidness and no coldness. is there a place in the world with this kind of weather 365 days a year?? i'll go live there. =D
i'll maybe try and influence some handsome hunks to accompany me over there too.

hahas. speaking of Hunks, im currently terribly infatuated in this Korean guy who acts in that Korean Drama -
[Wo Jiao Jin San Shun.]

isn't he so damn cute?!!
hahas. he's even cuter in the drama series. i admit the reason why i watch '[Wo Jiao Jin San Shun]' everyday is because of his cute dimple. he's so sweet in the show that i kept saying
"i like him, i like him"
whenever he appears on the screen. hahas. mum is too busy playing maple to bother about me.
im jealous of JinSanShun. she's fat yet she gets such a cute hunk. NOT FAIR~!!

oh well. when the drama series end, i guess i'll not even remember this Korean Hunk anymore. hohos. i dont even know his name =.=

alright. enough about hunks. im beginning to feel like some childish kid drooling over MrHandsome.


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