Tuesday, September 19, 2006

i finally realised how much my handphone meant to me.

hahas. let me explain why.
we had our science-practical exams today;
....and in case you are a primary school student, science-practical means science-experiments. hees. anyways, my school is a small school without enough science-labs to carry the exams for every single student -.- so yea, we had shifts. alright, this paragraph is nonsense anyway. move on to the next :)

and, we had to surrender our handphones to the teachers from 9am to 2pm. that's actually longgggggg. after counting using fingers, i realised that i was cruelly separated from my handphone for 5 hours~! the worst thing is, the experiments took only 1hour and 30minutes, which meant i was left 3hours 30 minutes missing my handphone. the 3hours and 30 minutes, we were locked up in a big music room with another class, doing nothing. i sat there missing my handphone sadly. hahas. there was absolutely nothing to do when i dont have my handphone with me~ i thought of lookng at my photos, then realised that all my photos are in my hp. then, i thought of smsing. den i realised that i need the handphone for that too~
i wonder why i did not have anything to do with my handphone when i have it on my hands lastime...

well, in the end when i got back my handphone, i was so freakingly happy.
yay. i love my handphone.

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