Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Since i have not been posting "two posts in one day" for a longggg time,
i decided to do that today. hahas.

Ernest Is a Nice Guy,
cos he calls me a Nice Girl.

hees. im just bootlicking him; he's actually BAD.

here's some photos updating:

the photos this time arent nice though =\

yay~ i finally found the correct shade of pink and blue nailpolish i wanted. the colour isnt exactly correct in this photo though =(

me and Shunlai. i always look wierd when i take photos with guys. grrrrrrr.
i'll blame it on the lights.

sobs. i want to look like Ayumi Hamasaki:
(her features are so Perfect~~)

omg. this post is SO random. hahas.

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