Friday, September 1, 2006

my photo-transfering-port is finally working today~~
say YAY!!
:) hahas. here are just some random photos to celebrate:

the old typical reflection. *yawns*

how i wish the world is upside down.

yoohoo. i LOVE CHICKEN RICE. and i bet no one in this world takes a photo of chicken rice like this. hahas.

speaking of food, everytime i have breakfast with fiona at macdonalds we'll SURE be late for school. hahas. there were almost 150 students late for school together with us yesterday. we should blame Macdonalds. hohos.oh. we gobbled up our delicious burger before realising that we forgot to take a picture of it.
and this last two pictures are to show how lousy denver's hp camera is. hahas.


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