Thursday, August 31, 2006

oh well.
it was supposed to be a 15 minutes afternoon nap, but... me being me, slept for 2 hours instead. awwww. and that 2hours nap included clicking that 'cancel' button on my handphone alarm for a dozen times. hahas.
it's always like that. everytime i plan to nap less than half-an-hour, i would end up sleeping alot more. that's isnt a good thing, because long afternoon naps leave me with headaches and a terrible temper. hmmms. i hope this longggg afternoon nap has erased some of my eyebags though. =/

alright, have firefox readers realise something different today?? you can actually read my blog! hahas. my blog used to be unreadable by firefox users because my pictures and words would be overlapping each other, and only a genius of IQ307 will be able to decipher it. well, BEN solved it for me..... and he did it within afew minutes!~ wow. im amazed and would be glad to say "ben's an expert!!" to everyone i see except maybe Santa Claus. (uh, random =x)
well, go thank ben again and again for saving my blog!

and... for all the teachers in the world,

......for all the students in the world,
we'll be expecting a
exclaimation from the teachers within exactly ONE MONTH's TIME.

~ woah. im so looking forward to Children's Day.

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