Friday, August 11, 2006

i thought that girls are suppose to be the indecisive one.
i realised today that i was so WRONG!!

boys are even MORE indecisive than girls.
Warning: the follow paragraph is extemely confusing. read it only if you are extremely clever. hahas.

me, fiona, and the guys are planning to eat at pizzahut for lunch at first.
then, after waiting outside pizzahut for what seems like decades, they suddenly decided to go eat TeppanYaki. okay, we reached there. the guys stood outside, discussing whether they want to eat it anot, while fiona and me looked at them unsure of the situation. After spending like 99years on deciding whether they want to eat TeppanYaki or PizzaHut, half of the guys finally decided to settle at TeppanYaki, while fiona and me trudge behind the other half of the guys who are heading towards PizzaHut. After reaching PizzaHut, they suddenly decided that they dont want to eat pizzahut. Grrrrr. So, they wasted another 10000 hours thinking whether they want to eat fast food or foodcourt. alright. When they finally decided on fastfood, then another someone suggested PastaMania. alright, everyone reached PastaMania finally. Fiona and i thought that we could FINALLY sit down and eat, then suddenly the guys got tempted by Ajisen nextdoor. Someone suggested to eat at Ajisen. @#$%^&*#!!! well,we ate at pasta mania in the end.

confused? yea. i am too. i can't even count how many foodplaces were brought up.
hahas. nextime someone complains that girls are indecisive creatures, i would dig this blog entry out and show it at his face.

anyway, i scored a DISTINCTION at my Chinese Olevel Oral exam.
congrats me!

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