Sunday, August 20, 2006

im going to my greatgrandfather's funeral tonight.
erm. i mean my grandfather's father. NOT a great grandfather.

i used to have 2 greatgrandfathers- one from my mum's side, and one from my dad's side. the one from dad's side died afew years ago, and the one from mum's side died, afew days ago.

i dont have much impression of this greatgrandfather. i dont remember how he looked like. i dont remember talking to him before. all i remembered was everytime during ChineseNewYears, we would go to his really grand and beautiful house. i used to love his house alot, especially because he has that gym thingy that we can cycle on the same spot forever~

i dont know how i would feel at his funeral tonight. i don't feel any affection for him as a family member, but maybe i would cry as a stranger. i would always feel emotional over anyone's death, even if i might not know the deceased. i feel that life is so fragile and helpless;
it's like within any minute, you could lose any of your loved ones, unexpected.

how i wish everyone do not have to die.
just let Earth expand bigger, so that we can have space for everyone..
:) hahas.

anyway, he died at the old age of 95~
my another greatgrandfather died at age 92..
average life span of a normal person is around 72.
so that means my greatgrandfathers are special~!

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