Friday, August 25, 2006

yea! i watched "THE BREAK-UP" today..
overall, it was quite predictable.
it's just the usual {Quarrel, make each other jealous, things got worst, and then ....break up. }

bads about the movie:
- the main leading actor, Vince Vaughn, is NOT handsome, and is..... FAT.
- the story is all about quarreling. there's actually almost none funny parts.
- no climax.

goods about the movie:
- it's a good sleeping pill.
- jennifer aniston is pretty!
- you get to see her butt =X

yea, im serious! there's a part when Jennifer Aniston walked around the house, naked; and we get to see the butt. hohos.
imagine a 3year-old kid seeing that, and asking his mum:

"mummy, why that auntie never wear clothes walk around?"

..... i pity the mum who would be horrifiedly speechless.

anyways, go catch the movie if you really want to see Jennifer Aniston's butt! after that, you can proudly claim that you have seen Brad Pitt's Ex-wife's butt before.

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