Saturday, August 5, 2006

im going bankrupt,
because i kept giving all my money to Japanese Restuarants.
last friday i spent loads on SakaeSushiPlace.
and yesterday, i was at Ajisen.

yes. that JapaneseRamenPlace that is owned by a little girl with two buns on her head.
hohos. food there is yummy, except that there's one dish which nearly made me puke just looking at it.

the guys ordered RED SLIMY BABY OCTOPUS.
blood red, super slimy, and in their original shape!..
i dont know if i had eaten any octopus meat before, because even if i had, they were sliced.
NOT in the shape of octopus! -.- at least slice it so that i wont think of babyoctopus when i eat it can??

hmms. im gonna place [RedSlimyOctopus] on the most TOP in my list of NOT GONNA EAT.
it actually reminds me of a foetus. hahas.

well, the ramen and chicken was nice anyway.. im gonna eat there again when im finally unbankrupt, and im gonna make sure no one places any red octopus infront of me.

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