Thursday, August 10, 2006

my transfer-port is going bonkers again, and i cannot transfer my photo of a great fruit!

having no other choice, i used the webcam to take a photo of the fruit again..
(i have absolutely no idea to why my webcam is making everything green.)

joanne says: is this an apple or a pear?
esther says: *bursted into laughter* im gonna blog that you asked this stupid question.. hahaha.
joanne says: okay. then im also going to blog that i asked you that question.

it's so obvious that we have nothing to blog about.
she asked me that question was because the apple is Yellow.
FULLY yellow. not even a small spot of redness could be found.

well, in the end both of us were too lazy to cut the apple/pear,
so till now, we still have not uncover the mystery of whether it's an apple or a pear.

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