Monday, August 7, 2006

things are getting a little eerie this few days..

i was alone at home yesterday when the doorbell rang, followed by some knockings. i knew perfectly well that it was the hungry ghost festival, and i was thinking about what i should do if i were to see a red lady through the peephole.
i did not saw a red lady.
instead.., i saw nothing. no one there.

and then, today.
i fell down for absolutely NO reasons. i was climbing up the stairs when suddenly, i tripped over the air.
lucky i fell on my knees, and not my FACE.
hahas. it's been a long time since i last fell down.

and then..
mum asked me to wait at the main door for her, cos she's coming back with lots of goody goods. so i standed beside the main door looking at the lifts, guessing whether mum would take liftA or liftB.
i saw liftA and liftB going up and down repeatingly, only stopping at the 8th storey and 2nd storey.
are ghosts tired of the famous 13th and 7th storey already??

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