Tuesday, August 22, 2006

i thought the craze about that maple game has already faded to some faraway place... UNTIL i found a horrifying truth.
my uncle is still playing it, and my sister recently got hooked.
what's more horrifying, my MUM (yes, my mum, the once Neopets loyal fan), is getting addicted to it too!

my sister has been hogging daddy's computer for the whole day, everyday.
it's a good thing that our house has two computer, because i cannot imagine quarreling everyday with her over one computer. she has practically fixed her eyes on the computer maple screen from the moment she reached home from school, until............. now.

in the past, eavesdropping conversations of teenage boys in a bus would be interesting, all about that pretty girl next door, some lame craps about that old man at the coffeeshop, all that nonsense.

now? their conversations are all about maple-ly kind of things that i could not understand at all. they talk about maple like they are living inside it.
it's lucky fiona isnt hooked on it. i would very much rather gossip with her about boys than some cartoon character. hahas.
she gave up playing after being stuck at level one.
me? i have not even finished completing the signing up form, then i gave up already.
maybe the problem lies with me..


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